Get home this Christmas for pennies

Elizabeth Whittingham·11 November 2017·4 min read
Get home this Christmas for pennies

Are you dreading the long journey home? From expensive train station food and coffee, extortionately priced tickets and stressful changes, it’s not fun, is it?
Don’t worry, here at Student Life Guide, we have some brilliant ideas for you to get home cheaply, meaning that you can relax in the knowledge that you are saving the pennies in time for Christmas.

Mega bus

Mega bus may take a little longer but it is definitely worth the extra hour or so for all the money you can save! It’s also great if you are someone who absolutely hates changes, who just wants to sit down and stay there until you reach your destination. There are toilets on board and also free WiFi, which is actually quite quick. Tickets start at around £2 and are the cheapest when you book far in advance, so get to it! Visit the mega bus site here and get saving.

Cheat the train system

This is quite a tricky one, but one that can definitely save you those pennies. Sometimes, one single large train journey can be much more than a few smaller ones. Play around with the train line app and give it a few options, have a pen and paper near by and just write down all the possible journeys, factor in which ones are the quickest and the cheapest, then go for it. I’ve saved over thirty pounds with this approach in one journey! It may also be a good idea to have a railcard, as these can substantially cut down your ticket prices.

Car share

Last year in my old student house, everybody I lived with were from London, except me boo hoo. Anyway, they all decided that in going in one car home for the holidays, they could save heaps of money! They simply allowed each person to have one bag and to give some money towards the fuel – they all got home for cheap and also had the fun of a car ride together. If anyone in your student house lives in the same area as you do, then this is definitely worth it.

Book in advance

This is a fool safe method, booking a few months in advance of your journey can help to reduce the amount massively. Get the train line app and buy your tickets in electronic form, you can’t lose them when they’re on your phone, or get online and grab some cheap mega bus tickets- they come through via email so can simply be searched for and printed off closer to the time. Ticket prices go up dramatically closer to the date, so by getting in their early, you can really save.

Mix and match

Who says you have to just stick with one method? Sometimes, switching it up can help you save on travel. For example, maybe a single train ride to one place and then a bus from there will be cheaper than getting one single train journey all the way home. I know this can be a bit more effort, but if you are really strapped for cash, it is definitely worth doing and it does pay off, literally!