Ten cities- ten fresher’s events

Elizabeth Whittingham·4 September 2017·6 min read
Ten cities- ten fresher’s events

What is fresher’s week and when is it?

Fresher’s week consists of your first week of university, where there are little to no lectures, the only ones being welcome talks, meaning that you have all the time to meet new people and to essentially party a lot.

Fresher’s week occurs usually in mid-September, yet the days vary over the country.

Here are ten universities and ten fresher’s week guides, to give you the ‘know how’ this year.


Cardiff are notorious for their Fresher’s events, and this year it seems is no different. Ticket website skiddle have a vast array of Cardiff events, from a fresher’s house party club night, a ‘hush’ silent disco and a rather hilariously named ‘f*ck me it’s fresher’s’ night at Tiger Tiger. Cardiff University also offer a fresher’s fortnight wristband, which will get you into all the top events. Visit this site here to choose your wristband, the events vary depending on which one you choose. You can choose between events ranging from; fresher’s moving in party, Baywatch party, the full moon party, cirque de mode, back to the nineties, a fresher’s BBQ and a very fancy sounding Fresher’s Ball! Sorted.


Manchester are also offering a wristband for their up and coming fresher’s week. Although the ‘early birds’ have gone, there are still tickets available coming in at around £40.00. The wristband will get you into five fresher’s events, on five different nights at five different venues. The nights consist of a fresher’s carnival, the annual fresher’s party, a special guest DJ night, a fresher’s all-star party and finally a fresher’s finale. Upon purchase you will be sent a confirmation email with information on where you can collect your wristband from, meaning that you will be able to pick it up as soon as you get to your halls! It’s handy to remember however that wristbands are not the ultimate answer to a good fresher’s week, there are also lots of other events occurring over all universities, from Manchester’s blow out party at the end of fresher’s week ‘Pangaea’, through to simple house parties in a wide variety of accommodation halls.


Guess what? Leeds University are also offering a fresher’s wristband! You can get them here. They are offering a week long experience of non-stop party with events ranging from house parties through to a Fresher’s zoo party. You can also visit skiddle to find out about individual events, such as a massive festival at Beaver Works. There will be rides, circus tent performers and candyfloss machines. You can visit bonkers bingo club nights in town, or attend a neon fresher’s rave. The choice in endless in Leeds it seems.


Newcastle are offering an equally spectacular fresher’s week to Leeds. Wristbands are available of course, coming in at around £65. They offer six days of activities, totaling 350 activities overall and five club nights. There are also nights on offer ranging from a 1920s evening, aptly called ‘Prohibition Night’, through to a back to the future themed night and a star wars one!


(You have probably guessed by now that there are of course wristbands available) Yet Glasgow also has independent events available on ticket service skiddle. There are also day events happening in the city; ranging from events depending on your union, such as the University union, the Queen Margaret Union and the Sport’s Association. Nights available on skiddle range from soul jam, friend’s party, all night rave and a ball room party.


Due to the vast array of universities on offer in London, sites such as skiddle and design my night are useful to filter your searches. Due to London being a bit on the pricey side, designmynight also offer price ratings such as ‘drinkonomical’ or ‘happily affordable’. You can buy a fresher’s wristband for University College London and one for King’s College London. Visit the facebook page for more information and events that are coming up in the next few weeks. Skiddle also offer in depth guides, ticket prices and venue information as well!


The University of Birmingham offer a very affordable wristband coming in at around £25.00! They still offer a wide range of all the best events, ranging from a glitter party, a fresher’s block party, fresher’s bar crawl, Ibiza Zoo party and a naughty horse party. The wristband includes seven club entry nights and a free t shirt. Skiddle are of course offering information on separate club events, such as an 80’s pop night and a techno event.


Liverpool are also offering really affordable wristbands! They are coming in at £15 and you get a free t shirt as well. With 3000 wristbands available, these parties are going to be definitely packed to the brim with students, with Birmingham University dubbing the event as the ‘craziest, entertaining and most memorable week of your life!’ The wristband also gives you queue jump, you can get in and get partying. Events include colour dash, paint rave, beach party, moving in party, fresher’s ball and bar crawl. Skiddle are also offering individual events.


Exeter are offering a fresher’s wristband, sadly, the cheaper early birds have sold out, with the only ones available being £40.00. Events included consist of a zoo party, camo night, full moon party and a glow in the dark UV paint rave! There are events across the city available to view on skiddle.


Major bargain alert! The Nottingham fresher’s wristband is going cheap for just £10! You also get a free t shirt, the nights on offer consist of colour dash, paint rave, move in party, fresher’s ball and a bar crawl. The wristband also offers discounts throughout the week, such as city discounts, freebies from businesses, discounted taxi travel home from club nights and many more!