How to find part time work while studying

Holly Smith·2 August 2017·5 min read
How to find part time work while studying

Studying can take up a lot of time, especially if you are doing it full time. However, you may have a few spare hours during the week when you think ‘I could be filling this with something meaningful, or making money’. This blog is about part time work available while studying and a few tips on where to find it.

  1. Go to careers events. This is a great one for finding a general career direction, and you never know, some careers fairs may be looking for student ambassadors or people to represent the university. Get in touch with your student union to see if you can take part, or simply go along to the events themselves and chat. You may meet someone who has been in your position (and doing your subject) who can advise you. I once met a philosophy graduate at an Engineering fair – you never know what you may stumble across.


  1. Meet one on one with a careers advisor. This is good if you just need some general guidance, and also subject specific advice. Perhaps you just need to find a direction so that you can look for placements in the relevant field.


  1. Hand out your CV to local cafes and bars. Although this is not related to your degree (unless you are doing business or hospitality), you are guaranteed to find some hours that work for you, as well as being flexible and bringing in that extra bit of cash for socialising (or saving!)


  1. Look on the university website for part time, immediate start vacancies. Check your uni website for a careers link, or ask your careers advisor for more details on how to apply. Usually there is a direct link to the application form.


  1. Look out for 0 hour contracts. These can be both a blessing and a curse – the good side is you don’t have fixed hours and can easily fit it to your uni schedule. The bad side is that they can sack you at any minute without any notice period. Check your contract before starting but this could work for you if you don’t mind about having little job security.


  1. Try charity street fundraising. A good one for getting out of your comfort zone and earning money too. Although perhaps best in summer as it can get quite cold! The skills you learn will look great on your CV, and it is good to practice your interpersonal skills as a back drop to having your head in books!


  1. Enterprising. You could start your own mini-business. What are your strengths? What skills can you utilise? Perhaps you could sell massages to your uni mates, or make bracelets?


  1. Sell your unwanted things on Ebay. Similar to #7 but a bit easier! Simply put all your unwanted items in a pile and list them on Ebay. Set up a Paypal account and watch your account sky-rocket! Those £5 can slowly turn to £50’s. Just make sure to post the items and get your buyers to leave stellar reviews.


  1. Write a good cover letter. This will be a good task for applying to some part time roles. Some may last for the duration of your studies with a view to going full time when you finish. Targeting the right companies can be tricky but it pays to stay ahead of your game and saves you lots of stress once graduation is getting closer.


  1. Have several CV’s for different roles. This is good if you don’t have a definite field you want to go into (e.g. humanities courses). Tailor your CV to the role you want and have the relevant work experience extremely visible.


With the above options available you should have no problem finding some part time work while studying. It is especially important as nowadays a degree on its own won’t necessarily set you apart from the crowd, but having a good eye for organisation and a good work ethic will. Good luck!