Must Watch: 6 Of The Best Movies About University

Holly Smith·26 May 2016·4 min read
Must Watch: 6 Of The Best Movies About University

Sick and tired of endless revision? Well, why not slip on your Pjs, grab some popcorn and curl up with a brilliant movie? Over the years, there have been many college movies that have caught our attention, from flicks about fraternity antics to biographical films about famous entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for your next favourite film, take a look at some of these.


1. Legally Blonde


All too many people dismiss this movie as nothing more than a mere chick flick, but you really mustn’t do that. Meet Elle Woods; the typical blonde sorority girl type. No one ever imagined she would amount to more than some rich guy’s wife. Yet, when she applies to Yale (admittedly to win her ex back), she shows that not all blondes are dumb.


2. Educating Rita


Rita is a working class girl, who believes that getting an education will help her to finally find happiness. Along the way, she meets an alcoholic lecturer who has somehow lost his lust for all things literary. The unlikely pair find that they have a whole lot to offer one another.


3. Animal House

CFAnimalHouse_3059755kThis was likely one of the first fraternity movies to hit the big screens and it made a massive impact on all who saw it. Despite the fact that we don’t have sororities or fraternities here in the UK, the film offers a wild insight into the life of young college guys. It may be nearly 40 years old now, but the film has not aged a day. Plus, when you watch this one, we’re sure that it will have you in stitches.


4. Monsters University


We know… we know… it is a kids’ film, but don’t let that put you off. The 2013 sequel to Monsters Inc. was always going to be worth watching, and it certainly delivered just what it promised. With jokes that are suitable for both adults and children and a whole lot of action, this movie is perfect for a little light relief.


5. Tiny Furniture


Here’s one that perfectly captures the utter deflation that follows heading back home to mummy and daddy’s house after having survived university life. If you’re about to graduate or merely go home for the summer, you really ought to take the time to watch this film. The indie movie is Lena Dunham’s first offering to the world, and so if you like Girls, you’re bound to love this.


6. The Social Network


Some will argue that this is a movie about entrepreneurship. And it is. But, it’s also a movie about life at an American college. The story follows a young Mark Zuckerberg, a little before the birth of Facebook. He is a friendless undergraduate who the majority of the student body ignores. It’s ironic really; his social life is truly lacking, yet he goes on to establish the biggest social networking site in the world.