Why You Seriously Hate Going Home For The Summer

Holly Smith·12 May 2016·4 min read
Why You Seriously Hate Going Home For The Summer

The weather outside is heating up and we will soon be in the midst of the beautiful British summer. While for a short time that means drunken BBQs and picnics, there is one thing that every student tries to avoid. Going home for the summer is your worst nightmare for many, many reasons. The only problem is that you’re parents are on the phone every other day practically begging you to come home. Oh dear. Here are all the reasons you hate going home for the summer.


1. You have to get used to being nagged all over again

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For nine whole months, you’ve lived a totally nag-free existence and it’s been rather wonderful. You’ve done what you want, when you want. Now that you’re back in the nest, your mum has resumed her title as Queen of the Nags. That means that everything you do is wrong. Fun.


2. You have to clean up after yourself

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Luckily, your parents haven’t seen your room for the last few months and have no idea how messy you’ve been. Now that you’re home, though, they are just dying to tell you what to do. If you do much as leave a sock out of place, you’re bound to hear about it.


3. Your parents will want you to get a job

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Well, you can’t just hang around the house all summer, can you? That would be way to easy. Oh no – your parents want you to get a job and they will never shut up about it. Now that you’ve had your first taste of freedom, they reckon you’re a fully fledged adult being. And adults get jobs.


4. But, all you want to do is chill out

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Realistically, all you really want to do this summer is snooze and watch the occasional episode of Jeremy Kyle. You don’t get why your parents can’t just respect your wishes and let you get on with it. You spend hours trying to convince them that your ‘way of life’ is the right path for you, but they’re having none of it.


5. They will ask you how university is going

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And you’ll be forced to tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Of course, you could lie and say that you’re acing every single module, but you know that fib will come around to bite you in the bum. Instead, you have to be honest and say you’re scraping a 2:2. Nice.


6. You will get so very, very bored

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When you’re at university, there is always something going on. Whether it’s a flat party or a cheap night out, you can rely on your buddies to have something up their sleeves. Sadly, your life at home is just a tad less interesting. The boredom is excruciating.


7. They will ask you about relationships

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Suddenly, your parents will take an unexpected interest in your love life. Warning: Things are about to get very awkward very fast. Since you’ve been at university, they assume that you’ve started seeing multiple people all of whom are probably not good enough for you. Let the interrogation begin.


8. They will expect you to know how to cook now

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Since you’ve been living alone for the best part of a year, your parents will expect that you now know your way around a kitchen. It’s too shameful to tell them that you’ve lived on noodles and takeaway, and so you give it a go. The results are disastrous.