11 People Who Were Way Too Forward On Tinder

Holly Smith·21 July 2016·4 min read
11 People Who Were Way Too Forward On Tinder

If you have Tinder, you’ll have come across a whole load of crazy profiles in your time. While some people try to come across as sweet and innocent, there are the others who take an entirely different approach. Let’s face it, some of us are on the app for one reason and one reason alone – sex. So, it makes sense to get right to the point! Here are 11 people who are way too forward on Tinder.


1. Emily who wants half an inch


This is a lady who knows what she wants – however small that may be. You should never underestimate the power of a cheeky innuendo on your profile.


2.  Brianna who has to be joking


If this little lady is serious, I am scared for her well-being. She has a very specific set of needs and she is not afraid to tell people just what she wants.


3. Liz who likes older men


There’s no shame in having a thing for older men, but do you really have to say this to the guys out there? This is a surefire way to put everyone off you.


4. Laken who is hotter than glue


This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever read on a profile. When you pair her quirky comment with that picture, it’s a recipe for disaster… or love, depending on what you’re into.


5. Stephanie who gets right to the point


This is a girl who is NOT scared to tell you what she likes. Is it just me or is she sending some seriously mixed signals here? She only wants to be friends? Yeah right!


6. Hannah who is richer than your daddy


If there’s two things that guys love it’s boobs and money. This girl completely knows how to win a man over.


7. Sheila who has small hands


Is this somehow appealing to people? Maybe there are guys out there who really appreciate this odd yet interesting gesture.


8. Maeve who has some hot dog eating skills


There is only one reason a girl would want to show off about fitting five hot dogs in her mouth. I’m not going to say what it is, but we all know about it.


9. Lia who promises people the world


Well, this girl is certainly not afraid to make a guy a promise, is she? Who knows what will happen if you swipe right?


10. Jess who likes bears


Jess is one confusing lady. I wonder how many people swiped right on her just to find out what on earth she was talking about here.


11. Sarah who’s boobs are real


Just in case you were wondering… YES, they are real. Now that little fact is out there in the open, you can get to know the real Sarah.