10 Things Every Southerner Going To A Northern University Will Understand

Holly Smith·21 April 2016·4 min read
10 Things Every Southerner Going To A Northern University Will Understand

One of the greatest thing about university life is the fact that you get to go to new faraway places and experience things that you may never have before now. While that might sound like a truly wonderful mind-stretching experience, it can sometimes wear a little thin. For example, if you happen to be an out-and-out southerner attending university in the north, it’s not always smooth sailing. Here are some things you’re certain to understand.

1. No one knows where you’re from, unless it’s London


When people ask you where you’re from, things tend to get a little awkward. One thing you’ll soon learn about northerners is that they don’t know many southern places. Unless you happen to live in central London, they probably have zero idea where you’re actually from.

2. People assume that you don’t have a garden 


When people hear where you’re from, they immediately assume that you live in a one-bedroom flat in the middle of an estate. When you tell them you actually have a garden, it’s amusing to see the look of sheer bewilderment on their faces.

3. When people have gravy on everything it’s confusing 


Why on earth do northerners insist of putting gravy on everything they eat? Do they not realise that it just tastes like brown gloop? (Note: Never say that aloud. It’s an unpopular opinion to say the least.)

4. Everyone tells you that you’re posh


If you’re trying to convince people that you’re not posh, you might as well give up right now. As soon as people hear your accent, they will 100% know (in their minds) that you are a big old posho. There’s no convincing them otherwise.  

5. Northern people are unnervingly friendly 


Sometimes, you don’t want to talk to every random stranger you come across and that’s completely okay. When you’re in the north, though, that is simply not an option. You won’t be able to count the times you’ve been forced into awkwardly polite conversations with strangers.

6. When someone offers you tea, but they mean dinner 


If someone invites you around for tea, you might be expecting them to whip out the good china. Well, you could not be more wrong. They are going to make you a full blown meal.

7. Travelling home takes a decade 


Your parents are always on at you to come home for the weekend, but what they fail to grasp is the fact that it takes you a decade to actually get home. That means that you have no choice but to spend a week or so at home when you finally get there.

8. You will never get used to the rain 


People warned you before you came here, but you had no idea it would be this bad. The rain is constant, and it never lets up even for a moment.

9. And, people will never stop banging on about the north 


Wherever you go, people will start telling you just how proud they are of the north. You don’t even have to ask. They will hear your accent and immediately go off on one about how very proud they are of where they’re from etc.

10. People mimicking your accent is the worst


As if that wasn’t bad enough, people will also try to mimic your accent at every opportunity. The first few times this happens, it’s kind of cute. After the 50th time, though, it starts to get just a tad annoying. Cut it out.