Let us know what your favourite bar is to win £100

Lauryn Berry·10 May 2021·7 min read
Let us know what your favourite bar is to win £100
Sun’s out (at least in some places), dissertations in, and hospitality is officially opening indoor spaces on the 17th of May (and clubs not long after on the 21st of June)! No need to sit in the rain, or stand outside queuing for hours, just make sure to book in advance if you have a special occasion!

Things are finally looking a bit brighter for students, and after such a difficult year we’re all ready to have some fun with our friends and explore old favourites or shiny new spots.

Fancy winning £100? If you think we’ve missed a cool place or you just want to tell us what your favourite student bar is, you’ll be entered in a draw to receive this incredible prize!


  1. Fulham Beach Club

A beach in the UK capital? I know it seems hard to believe but it’s true: you can feel like you’re at an exotic beach party without leaving the city. They offer bottomless brunch every sunday, events such as Drag Bingo and other beach themed parties such as ‘Made in Mykonos’. They offer a wide range of outdoor seating - perfect to enjoy on a sunny afternoon, or to get your perfect sunset shots for Instagram.

  1. The Roxy

An old favourite for London students, The Roxy is reopening it’s bar on the 21st of May - and they’re taking bookings now! They have great happy hour deals until 8:30pm and a fabulously stylish aesthetic with all the neon lights one could hope for.

  1. Ballie Ballerson

If you’re bored of run-of-the-mill pubs and would like to explore something new, Ballie Ballerson can offer you a night like no other. This bar offers ticketed parties where you can eat, drink, and play in a massive ball pit. Yes, you read that right, a massive ball pit for adults - let’s face it though, what better time to do this than while you’re a student, hey? Grab your mates, get your tickets, and enjoy a unique experience out in London.


  1. The Merchant

This leafy-green haven is already open for outdoor drinks, pizza, and sunshine. They offer bottomless brunches every weekend, and, with their gorgeous indoor space, we hope they’ll be opening up fully on the 17th of May!

  1. Roxy Ball Room Liverpool

In for a hybrid night of mini golf, pool, shuffleboard, ping-pong (and beer pong too)? This is the best place to meet up with your mates where you can enjoy the outdoor area for now, and move indoors from the 17th of May! With special off-peak prices from Wednesday to Sunday, this is a new must for your post-lockdown bucket list.

  1. Modo Liverpool

Modo is the best place to go if you miss big parties and big fun - with 2 cocktails for £10 Sunday to Thursday and large outdoor spaces to enjoy whatever (whatever it may be!) it’s a great place to try.


  1. Manahatta

2-4-1 New York inspired cocktails in Leeds? Yes please! For now you can sit and enjoy these (& food!) outside, but from May 17th you’ll be able to enjoy Manahatta in all its glory. You might want to check out their bottomless brunches too!

  1. Belgrave

A hybrid space that calls itself ‘music hall & canteen’, Belgrave offers student favourite foods such as pizza and burgers (can’t go wrong with these can we), drinks, and a large outdoor area - perfect for social distancing while having a good time.

  1. The Liquorist

Fancy some quality cocktails, a beer garden in Leeds? The Liquorist has you covered, offering, like most pubs these days, contactless payments and service through the Pub Oder&Pay app.


  1. Pilgrim

If loud music and dancing isn’t quite for you (and we wouldn’t blame you after lockdown), Pilgrim might be a good choice. This quirky bar with an environmental and vintage aesthetic is reopening on the 21st of May with cocktails for £5, so get your bookings in quick!

  1. Cold TownHouse

This rooftop bar and garden offers stone-baked neapolitan pizzas, small plates, and burgers which can be enjoyed overlooking the beautiful views Edinburgh has to offer.

  1. Indigo Yard

This rustic bar specialises in interesting beers but they also have an innovative and exciting menu which you can enjoy in their beer garden - a perfect place to try if you’re tired of the usual spots.


  1. Old Havana

Cuba in Wales? Old Havana has you covered with Cuban inspired cocktails and food - you can even get 3 cocktails for £10. Sounds good? Well it gets even better as they will be reopening fully on the 17th of May.

  1. The Coconut Tree

Enjoy some Cocotails and Sri Lankan street food in Cardiff. From May 17th you can also get a 50% discount if you eat indoors!

  1. Chances and Counters

Are you a board-game fanatic in Cardiff on the 20th of May? Then I would head straight to Chances and Counters for a fun night with over 500 games to choose from, classic burgers and snacks, and drinks too!


  1. The Canal House

Visit The Canal House’s vast outdoor courtyard and explore their cocktails, wines, nibbles and mains. A perfect choice for a sunny afternoon celebration in between deadlines and exams.

  1. The Old Crown

The Old Crown might look like just another classic pub but it holds a secret - a vibrant outdoor beer garden that will make you feel like you’re at a festival. Enjoy their meditarranean inspired menu too!

  1. The Jekyll & Hide

While this Birmingham favourite isn’t quite ready to host you yet, they have plans to open in June this year, so keep an eye on them and make sure to book up in advance to enjoy their signature gins and cocktails.


  1. Sunset by Australasia

Manchester’s pink cocktail bar and restaurant is the picture-perfect hangout you were looking for. With both an outdoor and indoor area, as well as ‘sunset’ inspired cocktails, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

  1. Escape to Freight Island

Escape to Freight Island is definitely one of Manchester's most exciting hospitality venues - with a massive outdoors space that offers safe and social dining as well as a wide range of cuisines to choose from. You won’t need much convincing to try this place!

  1. Hatch

A definite classic with Manchester students, similar to Box Park in London, Hatch is a smaller version that offers different bars, street food restaurants and shops. It’s definitely worth a visit on a warm night to enjoy drinks with friends under the colourful lights.