Good On You - What is it and how can students use it?

Lauryn Berry·29 July 2021·3 min read
Good On You - What is it and how can students use it?

As young adults we have a big responsibility to fight for a future that is fair, sustainable and kind, so it doesn’t hurt to keep yourself informed - and get to know new, smaller businesses that are better overall!

Good On You is a great tool for anyone looking to become more socially and environmentally conscious. The Website/App company functions as a sustainability ‘vigilante’ that hopes to raise awareness about climate change, human slavery and trafficking, and animal cruelty within the fashion industry.

So, what do they do?

- Good on You has over 3000 brand ratings, including brands such as H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Guess, Louis Vuitton, and more!

- They write blogs on sustainability, human and animal rights, and fashion.

- Offer exclusive offers on brands that receive good ratings.

But, what do the ratings actually evaluate?

Good on You is very thorough with their brand ratings and they consult sustainability experts, official reports and certifications, and industry experts. They cover a series of different criteria, such as:

- Working conditions

- Animal welfare

- Sustainability

Once they have given a score from 1-5 for each section: Planet, People, and Animals, the brand then gets an overall rating: ‘We Avoid’, ‘Not Good Enough’, ‘It’s A Start’, ‘Good’, and ‘Great’.

While Good on You is in no way a ‘policing system’ to dictate what you as a consumer should or should not buy, it is an excellent tool to get to know more about your favorite brands, how you can become a more conscious shopper and to help you avoid scandal-ridden brands who do not respect human or animal rights!

If you download the app you can create an account, suggest brands that have not yet been evaluated, add your favorites to a list and explore offers and discounts!

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