Halls or Houses which is best for you?

Zoe Bush·21 October 2021·5 min read
Halls or Houses which is best for you?

Once you’ve decided on what and where you’ll be studying, the next big question is what kind of accommodation will you live in? Choosing your university accommodation is such an exciting aspect of the process, but it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of options available to you. It is important to make sure that you weigh up all the options so that you can select the accommodation which suits you best! This guide compares the pros and cons of both student halls and houses to help you to make the best decision.

Student Halls

Student halls are either provided by the university or an independent company. Halls can come in an array of different forms but generally you’ll move into your own private room within a flat in which you share a kitchen and living space with your flatmates. The size of your kitchen will depend on whether you opt for self-catered or catered accommodation and you will also be met with the decision of whether to opt for a shared bathroom or an en-suite, these decisions will vary the cost of your accommodation. The number of people you share your flat with will typically be anywhere between 4 and 10 people; when choosing your accommodation, you’ll want to take into consideration how many people you would like to live with.


- Student halls are very sociable, so even if you don’t get on with everyone in your flat it is super easy to meet new people.

- Most halls include bills within the total rent price, which takes away the stress of figuring it out yourself.

- Both university owned and private halls are often situated in close proximity to the university, making it easier to travel to campus.

- Any problems are dealt with directly through the university or the accommodation company, which can be easier than dealing with a landlord or letting agents.


- With student halls you will usually be assigned a room randomly, so you do not get to choose who you live with and may not find out who your flatmates are until move in day.

- They are not as ideal for those who would prefer a quiet place to live, as often students will host flat parties or pre-drinks, which can also accumulate a lot of mess within the shared space. It is important to think about whether this kind of living situation will suit your lifestyle.

- Halls tend to be more expensive than renting a shared house.

Shared Houses

Whilst halls and houses both give you the opportunity to live amongst other students, there are significant differences to consider. There are many student letting agents across the country who provide housing which is especially tailored to student renters. Student houses are great for independent living and are expected to be the cheaper option when searching for student accommodation. Typically you will look for a student house with a prearranged group of friends or you will search for an available room in an already-occupied house. If you are going for the latter option you will usually get the chance to socialise with your prospective housemates before you decide if you would like to live together.


- You get to choose an area which suits you and live with people you know you get on well with.

- Living in your own house gives you a great sense of independence.

- There are loads of housing options on the rental market, so you’ll be able to find a house which matches your budget and preferences.

- If quietness is a priority for you, living in a student house will typically be quieter than living in a block of halls.


- Your commute into campus is likely to be longer.

- You will have to manage your utility bills yourself. Some landlords offer bills included in the rent, however you will probably end up paying more than if you were to organise these independently.

- You will have to make sure you keep landlords and letting agents aware of any problems with your accommodation as they will have to fix them.

- Living in a residential area you will have to be more wary of how loud you are, as you don’t want to receive any noise complaints from your neighbours.

Both student halls and houses provide an equally fulfilling university experience, depending on your personal style of living. There are an overwhelming number of options to choose from, but if you can decide which factors are a priority for you in your living space you can easily filter your options to find your ideal accommodation.

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