How to be a good housemate

Magda Budzynska·21 October 2021·4 min read
How to be a good housemate

For many people moving to the university, accommodation is the first-time experience of living with other students rather than your family. It can be a shock to all of a sudden live with strangers and share a kitchen or even a bathroom with. This comes with few challenges. No need to panic though because we have some great tips on how to get along with your new flatmates!

Divide tasks

It’s simple as that. Split the responsibilities e.i. cleaning bathroom, kitchen and taking out the trash among everyone. Make sure to make a schedule to avoid disagreement in the future. Fulfil your responsibilities to show that you value your new home and respect those you live with.

Resolve conflicts

Try to communicate any issues you have before it will create an unpleasant atmosphere in the flat. It might be uncomfortable at the beginning to confront your flatmates about the problem you encounter. However, it’s always a better idea to clean the air as soon as possible rather than keeping it to yourself which may, later on, lead to feelings of resentment. Make sure to communicate clearly with your flatmates and they will definitely return the favour. Generally, it’s better to have an open and honest conversation rather than send written messages or leave handwritten notes on the counter as they can be misinterpreted.

Respect each other’s boundaries

It’s very important to have friendly relations with your flatmates but it’s also very crucial to respect their privacy. Make sure to avoid invading their personal space. We all sometimes just want to be by ourselves, right?

Keep it down

You tend to listen to music loudly or maybe you play an instrument? Be open-minded and thoughtful of others, especially if the walls in your flat are super thin. Make sure to tell your flatmates that they can message you anytime if the noise is annoying them.


To make the flat feel more like home decide together if you are willing to share kitchenware with each other. Enable others to use your stuff so that you don’t end up buying four toasters or few drying racks. Have a discussion on establishing a fund for common items such as toilet paper or washing up liquid. A great way to split flat expenses is to use the app called “Spliwise".

Enjoy it

Living with people other than your family members is a great opportunity to experience more freedom and independence. Even if you and your flatmates have differences, being thoughtful and understanding of each other will be enough to stay on good terms with them.