Meet our student team

AFS Team·22 November 2021·5 min read
Meet our student team


My name is Sophie, and I am a third-year Politics and International Relations student at the University of Bristol. I'd like to pursue a career in marketing and communications or potentially political communications!

What I do in my spare time...

When I'm not studying or working, I spend a large amount of my free time trialling the infinite amount of cafes and food spots in Bristol, exercising and doing yoga, and spending time with my housemates. When I'm home I also enjoy walking with my dog in the Peak District.

What type of accommodation have I lived in?

Throughout my university experience, I have lived in both university-managed accommodation and private housing. In my first year, I lived in university halls in Stoke Bishop, with a small, shared kitchenette and a basin in my room. It was a hectic time living with 11 other flatmates, and an experience I was happy to leave behind but equally, it was great fun and an extremely sociable way to make friends in first year. Additionally, it was catered halls, and while catered halls are increasingly not a preference for many students, I highly recommend it- it was both convenient and sociable. In my second year, I lived in a small but recently refurbished flat with 1 other girl and 2 boys, and in my third year, I lived with 2 boys in a very spacious but more dated flat, although due to the lockdowns I spent most of my year living at home in Cheshire. Currently, I live in a three-story, two-bathroom, maisonette with 6 other girls right on Gloucester Road, the location is perfect and it is proving to be lots of fun.

Favourite thing about working for AFS

I've only worked for AFS for a short time, but I already enjoy the flexibility and independence of my role here. I can manage work without it impacting my studies- if anything it makes me more productive than before! I can plan and write content for the social media channels independently yet feel guided and supported by the AFS team.

Why I love being a student

I love being a student because of the freedom and flexibility of my schedule. I love having the time to explore the city and go out with friends alongside being productive with my studies and work. I also love my course; I find it thoroughly interesting and enjoyable so I love that I can dedicate so much of my time to it.

Advice for new students

I have two pieces of advice that come to mind immediately. Firstly, being outgoing! Try as many things as you can and speak to as many people as possible. Is one of your flatmates trying a new club/ society? Ask to join them and give it a go! Is someone looking a bit nervous at your first seminar/lecture? Spark up a conversation! Fun fact, this is how I met my best friend and housemate, Lucy. We both looked a bit lost and nervous at our course orientation and I simply introduced myself and asked if she wanted to go for coffee after.. the rest is history!

Secondly, navigating living away from home and doing everything for yourself, maintaining a social life and studying can be difficult and stressful. Check-in with yourself and if you need some time to rest, acknowledge that. Take a self-care evening instead of going out! Most importantly, if you are stressed or finding any aspect of university life hard, reach out to someone and talk about it- whether that be your friends, old or new, your family, or your university pastoral care team. They will have some form of wellbeing support available to you.