10 Websites You Need to Know as a UK Student

Anna·9 September 2022·4 min read
10 Websites You Need to Know as a UK Student

10 Websites You Need to Know as a UK Student

Being a student isn’t always easy. We’ve curated a list of ten websites that can help make your life as a student just a little bit easier.

1. Cite This For Me

Best for: Harvard Referencing

Creating a quality bibliography is important when it comes to achieving those high marks. But most students dread it, and for good reason. It’s tedious and time consuming. With Cite This For Me, the job becomes easier and will take up less of your time.

Simply input your material source then copy and paste the result.

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2. Canva

Best for: Creating Graphics

Canva is a graphic design tool that is completely free to use with premium option available. The website lets you create media, presentations, and much more. With thousands of free templates available, Canva is a great tool for students to have.

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3. Google Scholar

Best for: Academic Texts

Regardless of your course, finding quality academic texts is vital for research. Google Scholar is a search engine that provides a simple way to search for scholarly literature. It’s important to note that not all texts are able to be viewed in their entirety.

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Best for: Academic Journals

Like Google Scholar, JSTOR is a digital library comprised of thousands of academic journals, articles, books and more. It is completely free to use and one of the most trusted platforms for professional researchers.

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5. Grammarly

Best for: Spelling and Grammar Check

Grammarly can easily be considered an essential by some students when writing papers. Whether you install it as an add-on, or use the website to manually upload your work, Grammarly checks your spelling and grammar to catch those small mistakes you might have missed.

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6. Student Beans

Best for: Student Discounts

Student Beans is a hub designed specifically for students. After registering and getting a Student Beans digital ID, students gain access to hundreds of discounts.

Perfect for the avid online shopper!

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7. AFS Student Blogs

Best for: Student Tips and Tricks

The AFS Student Blogs is great for students looking for useful and applicable information in a quick read. From finding accommodation, saving money, study hacks, international travel, and more, AFS is the perfect tool for UK based students.

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8. Ecosia

Best for: Search Engine

Ecosia is a search engine powered by 200% renewable energy. It donates 100% of its profits to fighting deforestation globally. It’s as simple as Google, but better! Anytime you search something, you help plant a tree. What’s not to love?

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9. SH:24

Best for: Sexual Health Resources

SH:24 is a free online sexual health service, delivered in partnership with the NHS. It’s quick, discreet, and confidential. They offer STI testing kits, contraception and 24/7 information and advice.

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10. Hive

Best for: Buying Books Ethically

Hive allows you to buy the books you want to read and support independent books shops, at no extra cost! Whether you order books, films, music, games, or anything else, your chosen bookshop will receive a commission.

Hive is a great alternative to websites such as Amazon for those that are looking to make more conscientious purchases.

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