Cheap, easy cocktail recipes for students

Ryan Dainton·9 September 2022·4 min read
Cheap, easy cocktail recipes for students

As a student the exploration in the art of alcohol is one all take a path down: trying beers, ciders, wine, and cocktails. Students love a cocktail but not everyone can make or even name a cocktail. Well as an experienced cocktail drinker and maker I will explain how to make my favourite and simplest cocktails and a super easy price, for any occasion. The first and only thing needed is a cocktail shaker which can be purchased online or instore for less than £10 usually.

Here are some of my favourite cocktail recipes:

The espresso martini

Funny enough an espresso martini actually contains no martini

  • Vodka (100ml)
  • 2 Shot of espresso (coffee of choice with 50ml of water
  • Ice (filled)
  • Sugar syrup (make by adding caster sugar to boiling water then allowing to simmer then cool) 25ml
  • Coffee liqueur/ Khalulu (not essential) 50ml

To make this simply fill the shaker with ice, add the above ingredients and shake thoroughly until the shaker feels cold, pour contents into a small glass with a strainer or sieve which comes with the shaker and enjoy. This cocktail is great for a late night boost when you start to feel that slight bit drowsy and want to last that little bit longer. It is neither sweet or bitter but a combination of both with the syrup and the coffee creating a sensational taste.

Aperol Spritz

This as a very reasonable price has 3 simple ingredients

  • Aperol (50ml)
  • Prosecco (50ml)
  • Soda water to the top
  • Ice half full

Once all added into a glass, it creates the perfect spritzer at any given moment during the night and day. Perfect for a refreshingly light and easy drink with a surprisingly high percentage once added all together. Can be brought out at any occasion weather its to wind down at the end of a long day to a few for pre drinks


Traditionally made with rum but can be or I like to use vodka or gin as it can be a little bit cheaper. The exotic mojito is simple but most effective and my personal favourite.

  • Limes 1/3
  • Sugar syrup 75ml
  • Mint handful
  • Lemonade to the top
  • Vodka 50ml

The trick to a perfect mojito is to always slap the mint before adding it to the cocktail. This releases all the flavour, for this cocktail simply add all ingredients to the cocktail mixer and shake and serve with lemonade over ice.

Enjoy and remember to drink responsibly.