Homemade Cleaning Products You Need to Try

Ryan Dainton·20 September 2022·4 min read
Homemade Cleaning Products You Need to Try

As a student finding the time to clean effectively and cheaply can be a struggle however, here are 5 essential products to always have in the house in order to tackle any sort of problem. These hacks will be with you forever and once used once you will never go back as they are so simple, easy, effective and cheap.

The dynamic duo B and V (baking powder and vinegar)

These two ingredients alone play a role within the kitchen whether it’s for baking cakes, or dressing your chips. However, when combined they become an unstoppable force against even the toughest stains. Most commonly used for cleaning ovens, burnt pots, any sort of stained glass and silver, potentially endless. In addition to this, being a student comes with financial challenges therefore the cost friendly and effectiveness of this makes it the perfect cleaning utensil and kitchen ingredient.


When life gives you lemons don’t worry about the lemonade, when it can be used for so much more. Slice a lemon in half and it can be used to clean and polish away all sorts of stains leaving your kitchen and bathroom looking brand new. The most effective use of the lemon I’m sure will stick with you forever is its use in cleaning that limescale from the kettle; simply cut into chunks and boil and the acid will devour that limescale. Lemons are also so easy to get a hold of as well as being the perfect topping for pancakes and other dressings.


Whilst toothbrushes are designed to clean your teeth, they can have many other purposes too. A1+s students spend most of our time typing and pushing so much dirt and bacteria into the crevasse of the keys of our laptops. The toothbrush however gets right in those cracks and deep cleans it. The toothbrush is also so useful in the bathroom getting in between those tiles, out of sight out of mind leaving your bathroom looking and feeling clean. Toothbrushes are so easy to get at any supermarket and won't cost more than a pound.


Coke can also be universal in the world of cleaning, perfect for cleaning the inside of the toilet by simply leaving it for an hour or overnight by then even the toughest stains will be removed. Leaving stained steel such as a teaspoon in a cup of coke overnight will completely remove the stains too. Coke being available anywhere. As well as this coke makes a great addition to the student life whether its used for mixer or simply just on its own.


The simple yet most effective cleaning product is the sponge but can do far more than you may think. Despite being the typical washing up utensil, it can be used to get in the small gaps of window ceils by applying small slits which get in the small gaps. One sponge has the average lifespan of about 30-45 days and being as cheap and effective as it is would be rude not to have one at all times.