The Best Spotify Playlists to Listen to Whilst Studying

Olivia PIther·29 September 2022·4 min read
The Best Spotify Playlists to Listen to Whilst Studying

It’s another day at the library. You sit down at a desk, pull out your laptop and attempt to tune out the noise which surrounds you.

Sometimes, even in a silent study room, it can be incredibly hard to focus on your studying. I find that sometimes putting in headphones to drown out the outside world is helpful to solely focus on your work, yet you might be struggling to find the perfect playlist that works for you.

Whilst the well-known ‘Mozart Effect’, a theory claiming classical music increases intelligence, has been disproven, and scientists claim that silence is the best option when studying, sometimes plugging in your headphones and removing the outside world can be beneficial.

The genre of music you should listen to depends on the type of work you are completing: how important it is, whether it’s reading or writing and so on – so keep on reading to find the perfect playlist for you!

  • Classical Music

There are mixed reviews as to whether classical music improves or impairs studying and focus, however it is important to keep in mind that everyone is different, and music affects people in different ways. I find I focus well with classical music, in particular piano music, especially for reading tasks as it motivates me to work without distraction. Try the playlist ‘Best Classical Music’ for an introduction to the relaxing instrumental tunes.

  • Classical music with a twist!

‘Classical Pop Covers’ is a playlist where classical music covers popular songs. This may not be for everyone, but it can sometimes be nice to listen to music you know without the distraction of the lyrics! It’s enjoyable to listen to for writing assignments where some concentration is needed.

  • White noise/pink noise

What’s better than silence? White noise! If your surroundings are quietly noisy (I know this is a complete contrast, but I always found that silent study areas had people whispering and food being eaten) then white noise, or pink noise which has a lower pitch, can help tune this out. It has been theorised that white noise could improve memory, and of course helps studying by allowing a stronger focus. If this isn’t for you, then perhaps try background noises such as rain sounds.

  • A random chilled playlist

Find a random playlist of a genre you like; I often opt for a chilled playlist as I think destressing and relaxing whilst studying is vital. By using a random playlist, you are less likely to be distracted by songs you don’t know. Try ‘Lofi hip hop music – beats’ to study as the lack of lyrics means you can focus on reading tasks too.

  • Jazz music

If you want to switch it up, try ‘Chillout jazz music’ whilst you study. Jazz music has been linked to promoting creativity and said to have stress-reducing abilities, perfect for working!

Whether you lean towards silent studying or enjoy a bit of background noise, music can help ease the state of mind and reduce stress, so listening to one of these playlists before, during or even between studying can help – why not give it a go!