Exeter's Best Cafes

Olivia PIther·12 March 2023·5 min read
Exeter's Best Cafes

Exeter is the perfect university town full of a variety of shops, hidden gems, and of course, most importantly, amazing cafes. Whilst Exeter has many coffee shop chains, such as the likes of Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and Coffee #1, it also is home to independent cafes you have to visit during your time at the University of Exeter.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida is a cute little coffee shop located on Well Street, which is the perfect location for the majority of student accommodation. With its cool interior and surf-vibe, this café is popular amongst second and third-year students, whether you fancy a quick catch-up with a friend, a study date, or a hangover spot to crawl to, avoiding the busy town. The food and drink are also very affordable for students, with great music and great vibe.


This café turns into a cocktail bar come the evening! During the day, it is the perfect place to grab a drink or brunch with a friend and has fun music to enjoy. It’s located on the High Street in the centre of town, so can’t be missed. In summer, sit outside and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Exeter life.

The Undergrad

This café is less known, and very student orientated, located next to private accommodation. Its quieter nature, nice snacks, and cool interior with plants and spacious tables makes it a perfect café to study in.

Glorious Art House

This is perhaps the most instagrammable café in Exeter, with artsy bits and pieces throughout, sweet treats, and colourful and comfy interior, this bohemian-style café is a must-visit. It's slightly further away from the centre of town, located on Fore Street, but definitely worth the walk.

Tea on the Green

Located on the Cathedral Green, this café is lovely on a nice sunny day. Outdoor seating means you can enjoy the sunshine and the views of the cathedral, as well as people watch, or if it is a bit chilly there is an upstairs area too.

Pink Moon Café

Pink Moon is both a café and a club, with its neon and pink theme, it’s certainly photo ready. It’s easy to get to, right next to Exeter Central station, and turns into a bar/club on the weekend. Enjoy tasty food and drink here!

Mango’s Café

Fancy a walk to the Quay? Make sure you stop off at Mango’s Café to enjoy a drink, sandwiches, or baked goods! Again, there is a great outside seating area to enjoy the views of the Quay. They serve locally sourced foods, fine wine, and a tasty brunch.

The Old Firehouse

This is perhaps less of a café, but still a perfect place to grab a drink with a friend in a friendly, rustic-themed place. The Old Firehouse has a cosy atmosphere and renowned for its delicious pizza in the evening!

Board – Game Bar & Restaurant

Board is a different kind of place to enjoy a drink with your friend – choose a board game to play from their extensive library and enjoy playing with friends over a milkshake or alcoholic drink.


Chococo can be found along the edgy Exeter road called Gandy Street, and is a hidden gem. It’s never too busy in this cafe, so it is a perfect study spot. It also hosts a great variety of sweet treats and does a great hot chocolate. In their upstairs area is a cosy place to sit and relax.

Hopefully you will find your perfect café in this list of the best cafes around Exeter, whether that’s for a catch up with a friend, a hungover coffee, or to study.