What should I do if my university doesn’t offer me accommodation?

AFS Team·24 May 2023·4 min read
What should I do if my university doesn’t offer me accommodation?

Sometimes your university cannot offer you accommodation. This could be for several reasons such as that you applied through clearing, they were oversubscribed, or they just didn't have enough accommodation available for all students. The important thing to remember is not to panic! There are lots of other ways you can find student accommodation. Here are our top ways to find alternate accommodation…

Private rentals 

Firstly, you can look for private accommodation such as flats or houses. There are several websites available that list properties for rent, including us. You can see what we have available in your student city here

Private accommodation is often what people choose to stay in for the second or third year too, so see it as good practice for then!

Social media is now also a great way to look for housing. Facebook often has dedicated groups specific to your area dedicated to renting out rooms or entire properties. Student Housemates is also a great place to look as students will be advertising spare rooms they have in their houses. Check it out here.

Also never underestimate word of mouth. Ask around, you never know who’s a friend of a friend will know someone!

Private halls 

Another option is to look for student accommodation that is not provided by your university. Many private companies specialise in providing student halls in the UK, just like those allocated by universities and they often have partnerships with them anyway. These companies can provide you with fully-furnished rooms or apartments, as well as communal areas and facilities such as laundry rooms and study areas. This is great if you still want to meet people and get that university halls experience!

Homestay or commuting 

Additionally, you can consider homestay arrangements, where you live with a local family. If you are an international student especially, this can be a great way to experience British culture and improve your language skills, while also providing a safe and comfortable living environment. The University of Bristol recently introduced these. Alternatively, if the university is close to home, you may consider commuting in. This gives you more time to find accommodation, to be put on a waiting list for university halls, or allows you to simply enjoy your studies from the comfort of your own home.

Speak to the accommodation office 

Finally, if you are really struggling to find accommodation, we recommend that you speak to your university's accommodation office or student services team. They are a great resource for advice, support and they may even be able to help you in find suitable housing.

The main thing to remember if your university does not provide you with accommodation is to not panic! As you have seen there are plenty of options you can consider to find somewhere to stay, such as looking for private accommodation, student accommodation, homestay arrangements, or seeking advice from your university's accommodation office.

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