Answering your Moving Out Questions

Sophia Crothall·8 August 2023·4 min read
Answering your Moving Out Questions

With the big move fast approaching, you are bound to be feeling excited, but also a little nervous. You may also have a lot of questions relating to moving, what to take with you and what the rules are with guests once you are settled in. It is important to remember that this should be an exciting next step in your life and so we are here to make things easier! 

When can I move into the property?

The first thing you should check when making your moving out plans is your move in date. These will vary depending on university and accommodation type, however most move-in dates for first years are generally in September before freshers week. 

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What do I need to bring with me?

There are several things you need to take with you to university. The most important things to take are identification documents, and any medications you take regularly. Before starting your shop, check what items are provided in your room by your residence. 

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Can I decorate my room?

Home comforts are always a great thing to bring with you. However, most accommodation will have some rules about decorating. Read the rules and regulations provided and take pictures of the current condition of the room too so you don’t get charged for the previous tenants’ damages. 

Decorating your room

Can I have guests in my accommodation?

Check any rules or policies first and even if you are allowed guests, make sure you communicate with your housemates if you are having someone to stay with you. You don’t want to cause any disruption to anyone else. 

Guests in your accommodation 

Moving into your accommodation can be a really simple process and you can make your room feel like the perfect new home. For more information and advice, you can check out all our student blogs on our website! 

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