City Universities vs Campus Universities

AFS Team·25 February 2024·4 min read
City Universities vs Campus Universities

If you’re deciding whether you want to go to a campus university or a city university and weighing up the accommodation choices in each, then you’re in the right place!

We know that choosing your university accommodation is a daunting process, so don’t worry, we’re here to make finding your perfect accommodation as easy as possible.

First of all, let's look at the difference between campus universities and city universities.

Campus Universities:

Campus universities tend to be located in rural areas and often further out from the main city. They often have a lot of green spaces dotted throughout the campus to allow students to connect with nature whilst studying. Campus universities contain all of their academic buildings and recreational facilities on site, which means you won’t be too late when you’re rushing to a lecture late because you overslept! Alongside the perk of being close to all your lecture halls you will also have your student union building centralised, offering a stronger sense of community between students. Depending on the university, campus universities tend to have a lower cost of accommodation that are very close to or on campus.

City Universities:

City universities, on the other hand, are located within the city of the university. This means that the university will be scattered with buildings across the city. This does mean the buildings could be a 15 minute walk apart unlike campus universities. However, one perk of being embedded within the fabric of the city is that you have access to all of the shops and amenities within the city that you don’t get access to at campus universities.  

Accommodation in City Universities:

Accommodation in city universities does vary depending on the university but often the university will have dedicated accommodation organisations/buildings that they partner with. However, depending on your choosing, you may want to choose to live within a private accommodation. Typically, city university accommodations tend to be close to everything a student needs. This could be a nightclub down the road, a bar or a supermarket on your doorstep. If you are based within the city, this may be a perfect opportunity for a friend from home to visit you and explore the city together!

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Accommodation in Campus Universities:

Accommodation in campus universities tend to be very close to the campus or on campus, depending on the type of accommodation you choose. Many campus universities will have on-campus partnered accommodations for students to live in. However, these may be limited to first year’s only. As there is usually limited availability with on-campus accommodation sites, it is important to know when to start your search. Check out our blog here for more info on how to get ahead when searching for student accommodation.

How to find this accommodation:

For everything you need to find your perfect accommodation, check out the Accommodation for Students website !

Good luck with your search!