Galentine's Day Ideas

Olivia PIther·13 February 2023·4 min read
Galentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching, a day where many people around the world exchange gifts, flowers and cards with loved ones, but a recent social media trend shows many friendship groups celebrating ‘Galentine’s Day’ instead. Galentine’s Day is celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day and is used to celebrate the platonic love in your life. It is typically a day to connect with your friends and practise female bonding and empowerment. Whether you’re single on this holiday, or just have a group of great friends you want to celebrate the love for, here are a few ideas of how to have fun on the 13th of February.

1. Decorate The House – First and foremost, if you are hosting your Galentine’s Day in your house, make sure you’ve decorated for the occasion. To do this on a student budget, visit the shops Tiger, Poundland, and The Card Factory, as each have a great range of themed balloons, confetti and table decor. You could even all dress in red and pink themed outfits!

2. Host A Board Night – A classic idea for a friend group where each person will prepare and bring a different board. A few examples could include a cheese board, a pudding/sweets board, a charcuterie board, a party food board, and a fruit board! To make this on theme with love, try to include the colours red and pink, and you could even make the food heart shaped.

3. Cook A Meal Together – If you’d rather spend the time with your friends creating something, cook dinner together. A fun idea is to make your own pizzas - make them heart shaped to!

4. Bake Together – If you’re celebrating during the day, why not bake some cupcakes together? You can also have fun with the icing and decorating after and make a competition out of the best cupcake!

5. Make Cocktails – Grab the pink gin, rose wine or, if you fancy a mocktail, blend strawberries and mix with pink lemonade! You can find plenty of recipes for Galentine’s Day inspired cocktails on Tik Tok too.

6. Gift Giving – Set a budget to host a gift swap this Galentine’s Day. Try out Secret Cupid, a spin-off of Secret Santa, to anonymously give each other a gift and guess who got who. Or you could set a theme of the gifts, such as gifting Jellycat toys (which is currently trending and very cute!)

7. Virtual Gifts – If you are unable to see your friends this Galentine’s, don’t worry! Try a virtual Galentine’s Day where you can send each other flowers, food, or just a nice message.

8. Brunch Or Afternoon Tea – If you don’t want to celebrate this holiday indoors, go out for a brunch (you could even make it bottomless!) or enjoy conversation over an elegant afternoon tea!

9. Pottery Painting – Explore your artistic skills over some drinks and pottery painting. Lots of places will offer this, or you could buy the required utensils and host it at home yourself.

10. Games Night – Fancy staying in and having a chill one? Get everyone to bring a board game and have fun trying these out all night!

11. Spa Day – Lastly, celebrate your friendships next week with an excuse for some self-care. Get your nails done, enjoy a massage or a facial, and really treat yourself at a spa.