Reasons to stay in your current university house

AFS Team·18 January 2024·3 min read
Reasons to stay in your current university house

As the academic year progresses, many of you may find yourselves contemplating the age-old question: to move or not to move? Today, we're here to make a compelling case for staying put in your current university accommodation. Here are a few solid reasons to keep things as they are.

Familiarity is Key

Staying in your current uni property offers the priceless advantage of familiarity. You've developed a relationship with your landlord or agent, know the property inside out, and are comfortable with the surroundings. This familiarity makes dealing with maintenance and payments a breeze. Being comfortable with your living situation can contribute to a better overall tenancy experience.

Smooth Sailings with Maintenance and Payments

Navigating maintenance and payment issues becomes second nature when you stay in your current accommodation. The established routine and understanding with your landlord make the process hassle-free. Although, if you decide to change your mind and move, here are a few things to look out for when signing a new tenancy.

The Housing Shortage & Prices

The national housing shortage is a reality, and finding new student accommodation can be a daunting task. Staying put eliminates the stress of house hunting and it prevents you from paying more than you are at the moment. Check out this blog that talks about how much uni accommodation costs.

Summer Staycations and Storage Solutions

Moving in and out during the summer can be a logistical nightmare. Some landlords, however, are accommodating enough to allow students to leave their belongings in the property over the summer. If this is the reason why you’re debating looking for new accommodation, we strongly suggest you speak to your landlord or agent.

Speaking of staying in your current property, if you're open to sharing your space or looking for housemates, why not explore the possibilities on Student Housemates? It's the perfect platform to connect with fellow students looking for spare rooms or housemates.

Stay comfy, stay informed, and most importantly, stay happy in your current uni property!

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