Who will I live with?

AFS Team·24 May 2023·3 min read
Who will I live with?

Living arrangements vary depending on the university and accommodation options available. First year students often live in university halls of residence to meet other first year students. However, most universities offer a range of accommodation options, which may mean you are living with students from other year groups, or those with the same preferences as you.

Halls of residence

In student halls of residence, you are likely to live with other first year students. These halls are typically managed by the university, and you will be assigned a room based on your preferences and availability. Make sure to state any preference when you apply.

You may share a kitchen and communal spaces with other students in your flat or floor. This is a great way to meet new people and make friends. Most universities will introduce you to one another before you move in. This is a good time to make plans in advance, organise move-in dates and decide what each of you will bring so you don’t all show up with kitchen rolls, for instance.

Some universities also own properties within the city. If you opt for shared flats or houses, you may live with a smaller group of students, usually between 3-6 people. You may have your own bedroom but share communal spaces such as a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. This is usually more independent too and there is usually the option to specify preferences such as mixed-gender flats or houses, or single-gender options.

Private accommodation

Private rentals are another option, and you may choose to live with other students or find your own place. If you choose to live with other students, you can search for flatmates online or through university noticeboards. In this case, you will have more control over who you live with, but you'll also have to manage bills and utilities on your own. If you are looking for housemates, you can visit www.studenthousemates.com

Ultimately, who you live with at university in the UK will depend on the accommodation option you choose.