Newcastle – City Guide

Newcastle – City Guide

The City

“The city is alive with vibrancy and culture – not only are there countless things to see and do, it also has a lot of open spaces and parks, making it seem less urbanized and providing a nice contrast from the bustle of city life. The stunning architecture such as the Tyne Bridge and Greys Monument makes it a city that everyone will fall in love with.”

Things to do

Newcastle is a city full of places to explore and discover.

  • The Centre for Life is a science-based attraction offering insight into science’s most mind boggling discoveries and helps to promote science. They often hold themed nights, with a memorable one on Halloween called Frankenstein: Escape the Monster, which involves free vodka shots and a special 4D motion ride.
  • If you want a break from the city, head over to Jesmond Dene Park, not far from the universities. The Great North Museum is also a great place to take your family when they come to visit.
  • When it comes to shopping, there is only one place; Eldon Square. It’s one of the UK’s biggest shopping malls with over 150 different shops under one roof. When you want a break, try Quilliam Brothers Tea House, a wonderful café with over 200 types of tea, many cakes and even a cinema downstairs.
  • Newcastle is also only a 25 minutes metro ride from the nearest beaches – great places to visit, as well as being home to some of the best fish and chips in England. Alternatively, Newcastle Castle Keep is the oldest structure in the city, dating back to at least the 11th century, and so steeped in Newcastle’s history it often gets overlooked – but it’s a great landmark and an excellent way to spend the day.


Arts & Culture

With Antony Gormley’s Angle Of The North standing proud over the city, there’s no doubting that Newcastle has some of the best art in the North

  • For modern art, the converted grain warehouse Baltic on the Gateshead Quays offers one of the biggest spaces in Europe for thought-provoking and inspiring exhibitions.
  • If comedy is more your thing and you’re looking for a different night out, The Stand comedy club in the city centre features regular shows with up-and-coming acts alongside more established names on the UK comedy circuit.
  • Equally Tyneside Cinema is a little off the beaten track; this particular hidden gem is a great form of entertainment if you want something a little different.  Showing movie classics, experimental and foreign language films in art-deco surroundings, it offers a new kind of viewing experience.

Music & Nightlife

Renowned over the entire world, Newcastle sure knows how to party.

  • For me, a great night out has to start with sharing some drinks with friends and then heading to Sinners. It is known to all as one of the best bars in Newcastle as it offers cheap drinks and great music. True, it is often stuffy and overcrowded but as any student in Newcastle will tell you, it’s the best place to start your night.
  • The Diamond Strip on Collingwood Street offers a lot of good bars and clubs if a more high-end night out is what you’re after. This is located primarily on Collingwood Street which then turns into Mosley Street further down. The bars which are on The Diamond Strip include Revolution and Floritas. Floritas is often paid entry but then becomes a club and stays open all night. Both places do great cocktails and attract a more sophisticated crowd.
  • For a cheaper night out with the same great experience, a five minute walk from the Diamond strip takes you to the club Digital. I find Digital, particularly on a Monday night, the best place to go as they offer promotional deals such as 80p entry before midnight.  On a Friday it is host to some excellent DJs and if you’re into house music it’s the place to be. Tickets are pricey for these nights and they sell out fast as it is an opportunity for a great night out.
  • For a more alternative night try World Head Quarters which often holds themed nights such as a journey through disco with studio 55 and 90s R&B themed nights. Once you’re exhausted from dancing the night away, the only way to round off the night is a visit to Munchies. This is an excellent way to finish soaking up some of the Geordie culture with a tasty kebab. Why aye man!

Best Places to Eat

There is a wide range of pubs and restaurants to fit all student budgets.

  • A great place to head for good students deals is the Gate. It holds a number of great restaurants to choose from, such as Nandos and Pizza Hut which always offer student discounts. The Bistro is a handy place to get food as it is located on campus. I found however, that it reminded me too much of schools dinners as it has a very canteen feel to it.
  • There are other areas on campus to try including the students union, which holds the newly opened Mens bar. This offers good value and tasty food, and if that’s not enough, there are also a Subway and Dominos in the building.
  • For something a lot cheaper and a little different, if you have the time why not walk down to Grainger market where there are a lot of little cafes and cheap places to eat – you can also pick up your fresh fruit and veg while you’re there!
  • A Taste Of Persia, next to the Centre of Life, is a great little restaurant that serves really authentic food at a great student price.
  • For sushi lovers, St Sushi has 2 outlets around the city and the quality is excellent. Alternatively, head over to Chinatown for some more authentic Asian food.