Landlord fined after "unreasonable delays" on urgent repair work

AFS Team·21 November 2013·3 min read
Landlord fined after "unreasonable delays" on urgent repair work
A landlord in Northumbria has been fined after being found guilty of failing to comply with the Housing Act Improvement Notice regulations in response to his continued failure to act. The landlord, Brij Bushan Chowdhry, was fined £ 1,000. He was also liable for £900 worth of legal costs and a £ 100 victim's surcharge.

According to evidence submitted to Sunderland Magistrates Court, Chowdhry's tenant initially complained in September 2010. He contacted Sunderland City Council's Housing Department. They dispatched several housing officers to examine the property. The officers detailed a list of 'essential repairs'. However, after both tenant and city council overtures the landlord failed to carry out the work.

The magistrates court was even told, the defendant, had failed to comply with the order after a formal notice was served in October 2012 by officers from Sunderland City Council.

Sunderland Echo, reports that Graeme Miller, councillor with portfolio for housing, stated that "we are working closely with private landlords to provide them with what help and support we can to maintain their properties, but will not hesitate to take action against those who fail to do so wherever necessary."

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