Top Apps to Make life Simpler for Landlords

AFS Team·30 July 2015·4 min read
Top Apps to Make life Simpler for Landlords

To coincide with the launch of its smart new App, Glide, the utilities and service provider for student households, has developed its 2015 recommendations for the best apps on the market that simplify life for landlords.

1. Legal 4

Available for free on iPhone

One of the first apps purpose-made for landlords, Legal 4 provides a background check on potential tenants and discover if they have previously been evicted or blacklisted. The searchable database is extensive and is a must have for landlords.

2. TIM

Available for free on Android & iPhone

TIM has a repertoire of functions centred on taking inventories. The intuitive app allows you to complete inventories clearly and quickly across a number of properties, generating professional reports that can be accessed online and centralised on your desktop. Available free of charge on iPhone and Android it’s a great way for your tenants to provide you with that all important list.

3. Any.Do

Available for free on Android & iPhone

For landlords completing errands here there and everywhere, there is no better task manager than Any.Do. The ‘to do list’ app has a gesture based interface that is easy to use and keeps all your daily tasks in neat, fully customisable lists.

4. Crime Map for England & Wales

Available for free on Android & iPhone

This incredible app illustrates all recorded criminal and anti-social activity in any given area. Important information if you’re looking to acquire property in a new neighbourhood.

5. RightMove

Available for Android & iPhone

When it comes to house hunting apps it’s best to stick to the big names, they have the largest databases and therefore produce the best results. We have picked RightMove because of its extremely simple and easy to use interface, a great way to quickly flick through potential new properties.

6. Glide

Available for free on Android & iPhone

Glide, which strives to make landlord’s lives simple, has created an App which provides a centralised hub where landlords can view the status of utility bills across their entire property portfolio, making monitoring, paying and keeping track of bills effortless. The app enables users to capture and upload photos of their meter reading from their mobile, replacing the need for the endless cascade of emails, phone calls and meter-reading visit. Allowing landlords to manage their utilities in a mobile and simple way.

7. Cal

Available for free on Android & iPhone

Made by the same people that created Any.Do, Cal is a calendar app that allows you to pull data from a range of sources such as Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar and your to-do list. It has a usability-in-mind designed interface and can remind you when you’re on-the-go about where you need to be and when.