Top University Cities

AFS Team·20 February 2018·3 min read
Top University Cities

One of the key criteria for a thriving student accommodation market in a city is a successful University.

The better the reputation of the University, the more likely the student population is to grow and increase the demand for accommodation. Therefore, strongly performing Universities can be an indication of the next ‘hotspot’, or at least an indication of a ‘safe bet’ when evaluating investment opportunities.

There are a number of different ranking systems that are useful, when looking to determine which Universities are performing well. One the most commonly used is the annual rankings produced by the Time Higher Education .

In 2018, the top ranked Universities were;

1 University of Oxford

2 University of Cambridge

3 Imperial College London

4 University College London

5 London School of Economics and political science

6 King’s College London

7 University of Edinburgh

8 University of Manchester

9 University of Bristol

10 University of Glasgow

Viewed in this way the rankings are not particularly helpful, with what might be anticipated as top performing Universities or those in cities where there are some obvious barriers to entry, such as London, Edinburgh or Bristol.

Another way to look for opportunities using this data is to look further down the list at those Universities that are achieving the biggest increases in their ranking performance. Those that secured the biggest improvements recently were;

1 Northumbria University

2 University of West of Scotland

3 Middlesex University

4 University of Hull

5 Heriot Watt University

6 London Southbank University

7 Robert Gordon University

8 Sheffield Hallam University

9 Swansea University

10 University of Essex

This approach brings a different perspective and indicates opportunities across a range of different towns and cities, with fewer barriers to entry. Combine this with our work on average rents and it provides a powerful starting point for longer term investment decisions.