AFS Website Update

AFS Team·9 March 2018·3 min read
AFS Website Update

As part of our ongoing upgrade of we are currently focusing on improving the highest traffic areas of our website. The latest improvement is the launch of our new property enquiry page.

We now have live new city landing pages, search results and enquiry pages. This will give our users a significantly improved experience when searching for and enquiring about a property. The improvement will be particularly apparent to those accessing AFS via a mobile device and will, ultimately lead to an increase in the number of enquiries we generate for our customers.

At present these new pages are visible to 50% of people visiting the website. The other half will continue to see the older version of the website. This approach means that we can test the performance of the new pages and improve them before we release the new experience to all of our users.

We have already seen the new landing pages and search results deliver an improvement in performance and anticipate that our new property enquiry pages will add further to this positive position.

Over the next week we will be making some further enhancements to our enquiry page and working on improving our search functionality, before turning our attention to the private halls property cards and the main homepage.

If you have any comments or questions about this activity please do contact me by email [email protected]