What Tenants Want From A Home

AFS Team·13 March 2019·4 min read
What Tenants Want From A Home

What Tenants Want From A Home

A survey of what tenants are looking for from their rental property has been revealed.

The findings from Zoopla found that when looking for rental properties in England, Wales and Scotland, the most coveted feature wanted by most tenants is parking.

The property portal also highlights that the most viewed rental property type is for three-bedroom houses.

The firm says that parking ranks consistently as its most frequently searched for feature for rental properties with the term 'garage' taking second place with 'furnished' following close behind.

Also, rental properties that allow tenants to keep pets are in high demand with the search term 'pets' growing in popularity over the last 12 months.

'Parking and garages are consistent requirements from tenants'

A spokeswoman for Zoopla said: "Across the nation, parking and garages are consistent requirements from tenants and while they may not be the most exciting feature, the research shows that landlords can make their properties more attractive by enhancing or creating parking."

When the survey is broken down to a regional level, the most luxurious requirements are found in London with tenants there searching for 'ensuite' and 'gym' with these requirements not appearing anywhere else.

In Scotland, tenants are searching for 'dishwasher' as one of their popular terms while 'cottage' and 'rural' are important for those in the south west and north east.

In the north west, 'balcony' and 'garden' feature heavily among search terms.

While every region has tenants primarily looking for three-bedroom houses, in London tenants are searching for two-bedroom flats.

The spokeswoman added: "It's fascinating to see how tenant requirements differ across regions and with Londoners paying a rent premium, it makes sense that they focus on luxury features and high quality amenities."

Big rise in letting agents offering Zero Deposit

Meanwhile, it's been revealed that there's been a sharp rise in the number of letting agents who are offering tenants a Zero Deposit guarantee scheme.

The agents have signed up to the Zero Deposit offering which underpins hundreds of tenancies and is growing in popularity before the Tenant Fees Bill comes in from June.

Zero Deposit says that 1,300 letting agent offices have been signed up and a spokesman said: "We are delighted with the progress we've made a year on from our launch. Letting agent numbers are rising weekly as tenants and landlords become aware of our deposit replacement option."