Eu Tenants ‘Will Struggle To Rent Post-Brexit’

AFS Team·10 April 2019·4 min read
Eu Tenants ‘Will Struggle To Rent Post-Brexit’

Eu Tenants ‘Will Struggle To Rent Post-Brexit’

Tenants from the European Union will struggle to rent private accommodation once the UK leaves the EU, one landlords’ organisation is warning.

The Residential Landlords' Association (RLA) says the UK government has failed to publish guidance to help landlords on the implications of what will happen post-Brexit.

The RLA says that the Right to Scheme will make it more difficult for tenants from the EU to rent a home in England.

The scheme makes landlords and letting agents responsible for checking a potential tenant's immigration status and face being prosecuted if they let a property to someone without the right to live in the UK.

Landlords have received no guidance over the status of EU tenants

The RLA says it's a worry that landlords have received no guidance over the status of EU tenants and this could be a big issue since two-thirds of all EU nationals in the country are living in privately rented homes.

David Smith, the association’s policy director, said: "Landlords cannot be expected to know who does not and who does have a right for living in the country.

"The government should publish guidance that is practical and clear for landlords on the Brexit implications and who they can rent to."

He added: "Without this, landlords will be fearful over renting to a non-UK national and the potential of prosecution. The result will be landlords will avoid renting to those who are not from the UK and this makes it difficult for EU nationals."

Research from the RLA recently highlighted that around one in five landlords say they are less likely to rent to EU nationals as a result of Right to Rent and the RLA points out that post-Brexit this figure will increase.

Tenant Fees Ban inventory guidance for landlords

Meanwhile, the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) has unveiled guidance for inventory reports to help landlords and agents in the run-up to the tenant fees ban on 1 June.

The ban will see tenants not being charged for any extra services, including the creation of independent inventories which they had to pay for.

TDS says that the inventory guidance can provide the information necessary for landlords and agents to deliver best practice if they have relied on third parties to complete reports on their behalf.

The new guide has been produced in conjunction with Arla Propertymark to give clarity over deposit deductions and disputes over poor quality or unclear inventory reports.