Landlords hit by court delays for evictions

AFS Team·29 January 2020·4 min read
Landlords hit by court delays for evictions

Landlords hit by court delays for evictions

One firm that helps landlords deal with the eviction process through the courts says these cases are now taking longer than they have ever done thanks to administrative errors and frustrating court delays.

According to Landlord Action, they say they now have lots of cases with delayed evictions that are pushing landlords into debt.

The firm points out that one eviction case has been in the legal process for nearly 12 months and is no nearer to being completed for a landlord to gain possession.

Now Landlord Action's founder, Paul Shamplina, says that it is crucial that the government invests more in the country's court system, particularly before the scrapping of Section 21 takes place.

'Landlords are facing financial hardship'

He says: "This is causing stress for landlords who are facing financial hardship already because of rent arrears.

"The situation is worse than I've seen in 28 years with cases being delayed, overlooked or thrown out because of administrative errors and there's little we can do."

He added: "I do not believe the government understands thoroughly the implication that scrapping Section 21 will bring on courts with the requirement for more bailiffs, the recruiting of more judges and extra administration."

He is now calling for greater investment into the court system before landlords lose confidence with it.

He said: "Some landlords may feel that the time it takes to gain possession of a property is too big a risk and may decide to sell. We've already seen this happening."

Agents urged to update their contracts and eviction notices

Meanwhile, letting agents are being urged to update their eviction notices and contracts to help them successfully manage the reformed eviction process when it is implemented.

Payprop, a payment automation provider, says that agents who automate their arrears management and improve important documentation will help reduce the chances for evicting tenants.

The firm's chief executive, Neil Cobbold, said: "The political will is for the removal of Section 21 and also to reform the eviction system.

‘Landlords and agent should begin preparing to update processes’

"After the Queen's Speech, landlords and letting agent should begin preparing to update and change their processes accordingly as the evictions process will also be reformed with the same bill."

In order to fall in line with the new system, he says that agents should also update their contract templates as well as their eviction notices.