Government urged to give EU citizens proof of residence

AFS Team·29 January 2020·4 min read
Government urged to give EU citizens proof of residence

Government urged to give EU citizens proof of residence

A physical document that EU citizens could use post-Brexit to show they have the right to rent a home would be a 'pragmatic and common sense way' to deal with the problem, the Residential Landlords Association says.

The RLA has warned previously that there is a risk of discrimination against EU citizens who have no proof of their residency status when they are looking to rent a home.

In a joint statement with two campaign groups, the RLA says: "MPs should back a pragmatic and common sense proposal. It should not be controversial that an EU citizen should easily prove their rights with a physical document."

They point out that a digital-only document will be a disadvantage when British applicants wanting to rent a home can use a passport.

Landlords may not appreciate which countries are in the EU

Last year, the association highlighted that some landlords may not appreciate which countries are in the European Union and many will not go to the trouble of checking the potential tenant's immigration status online.

Now, MPs are being urged to back an amendment made by the House of Lords to the Brexit bill for a physical card to be produced.

However, the government has already rejected the idea saying that a digital record would be the most secure way of offering this proof.

The Home Office minister, Brandon Lewis, said the government will not be changing its policy and added: "I disagree with the House of Lords - the EU settlement scheme will give citizens a secure digital status that cannot be stolen, lost or tampered with."

UK's most in-demand cities for tenants

The areas in the UK that are seeing the most demand from tenants to rent a property have been revealed.

The findings from Howsy have thrown up some surprising results after they analysed 23 major cities and all of London's boroughs.

They looked at the proportion of rental listings that had already been taken by a tenant as a percentage of all online listings.

The city with the highest level of tenant demand is Newport where 35% of all homes listed for rent had already been let.

In-demand cities for a rental home

Other in-demand cities for a rental home include Bristol with 34%, followed by Nottingham and Cambridge on 33% and Belfast on 25%.

The top 10 is made up with Plymouth, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Leicester and Manchester.

The hottest boroughs in London for tenant demand our Bexley, Bromley and Sutton.

A spokesman for the platform, said: "The rental market is relied upon by many and as a result, there are many cities that provide a great opportunity for BTL investors due to the consistently high tenant demand and low levels of availability."