84% of tenants are breaking their landlord's rules

AFS Team·6 February 2020·4 min read
84% of tenants are breaking their landlord's rules

84% of tenants are breaking their landlord's rules

Most tenants are engaging in behaviours and actions that their landlord would disapprove of - and it is mainly down to the fact they are not familiar with their tenancy agreement rules.

The findings from interior furnishings firm Hillarys highlights that 84% of tenants believe they are breaking at least one or more of the rules that have been laid down by their landlord.

Worryingly for landlords, 73% of tenants said they were unaware of the rules in their agreement and 36% said they have no idea as to how they could obtain a copy of it.

The survey highlights that the rules that are being broken most often are:

· Hanging pictures, art or photos on walls for 38% of tenants

· Making alterations or damaging the property's interior without permission for 34%

· Smoking in the property for 23%

· Causing noise disruption for neighbours for 19%

· Owning a pet against the rules was an issue for 14%

Unsure how long their notice period is

Tenants were also asked how long their current notice period is and 23% said they were unsure how long theirs is or how much notice they had to give their landlord.

A spokeswoman for Hillarys said: "Rising house prices need a large deposit and this means the reality of homeownership is unachievable for many, resulting in the need for rented homes.

"While it can be tempting to ignore the agreement made with the landlord to create a cosy atmosphere, the rules are in place for a reason and failing to comply could put the tenancy risk and then leave that tenant without a home."

30% of landlords may quit in 2020

Meanwhile, one survey has revealed that 30% of landlords say they may quit the private rental sector this year as they come under growing pressure from running their investment.

The findings come from Just Landlords and the firm's Emily Morley said: "20% of landlords claim that owning a rental property is stressful and nearly a third say they are more worried than they were a year ago.

"One way of reducing stress is to have a letting agent manage the property and it is worth researching a good local agency."

She added: "Investing in property has never been straightforward but with increasing amounts of legislation, it's a balance that is needed to allow landlords to remain confident."