City With Highest Predicted Rental Growth Revealed

AFS Team·12 March 2020·4 min read
City With Highest Predicted Rental Growth Revealed

City With Highest Predicted Rental Growth Revealed

A new report has revealed which UK city looks set to deliver the highest rental growth over the next five years.

According to JLL, Manchester will deliver rental growth of 16.5% for landlords.

Also, the prediction is for the city to have the best sales price for homes - with a forecast high of 17.1%.

The report writers say that the city's growth in population and economy will lead to a growth in rents.

Cities offering strong property investment opportunities

The JLL report also points to other cities offering strong property investment opportunities for rent price growth include Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham.

The firm's director of research and strategy, Nick Whitten, said: "This is a milestone year for the UK's cities to get their property back on track.

"As a country we are reconciling post-Brexit dynamics and there's a level of uncertainty affecting markets, including housing. As everything stabilises, housebuilders will move forward and we expect significant growth in the UK's property sector."

He said that the UK's regional cities are heading for success with many of them developing an approach to modern living.

He added: "If this approach can be coupled with a work-life balance package and a shift from a London-centric property hub, we should expect change."

New logo for merged landlord organisations revealed

Meanwhile, with the merger of two prominent landlords' association's in the UK just weeks away, a new corporate identity has been revealed.

The Residential Landlords' Association and the National Landlords' Association are merging to create the National Residential Landlords' Association (NRLA).

The NRLA's chief executive, Ben Beadle, said: "Members have relied on the RLA and the NLA for support, representation, advice and education, and that will not change with the merger.

"We felt it important, however, to develop a new identity for the bigger and more powerful association."

He added: "The strong identity will create an easily recognisable organisation and will be synonymous with quality. It will also help develop a respected and powerful voice to campaign for the rights of members."

Mr Beadle has also set out his aims for the new organisation that will represent 80,000 landlords who are managing or owning around 500,000 rental homes.

In addition to providing a better resource for members, he says there's an aim to lobby government effectively at a challenging time and offering a representative voice in the media for the property industry.