Student property sees investment surge

Emma Seton·16 June 2020·4 min read
Student property sees investment surge

The North West of England has seen a student property investment surge that has increased by 8% year-on-year, research reveals.

The findings from Mistoria Group highlights that international investors, as well as UK-based investors, have been increasingly attracted by the potential returns that student property in the North West can deliver.

The firm's managing director, Mish Liyanage, said: "We have seen an increase over the last 12 months in international investors' appetite for student accommodation.

"They are attracted to the relatively low-cost student property on offer in the UK and the excellent net yields in the North West that can range from 12% to 15%."

He added that since higher education has a worldwide demand from students, the UK's universities are offering some of the best available courses to attract students.

Pushes up student housing demand

This means, he says, that cities and towns with universities are seeing demand rising for these places which then pushes up student housing demand.

Mr Liyanage added: "Student property investments, including HMOs, offer investors an excellent return on investment."

Their research reveals that the largest source of overseas investment in student property in the North West was from Turkey, which accounted for 20% of the total, followed by the UAE with 14% and Hong Kong investors with 11%.

Most students want to return to campus

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that nearly nine out of 10 students went to return to campus this year.

The research has been carried out by student accommodation provider Unite Students with researchers questioning 500 students and also 500 parents.

They found that 89% of students want to return to campus if it is safe to do so.

The survey also reveals that 79% of students say that being on campus and living away from home is a crucial part of their university experience.

The firm's chief executive, Richard Smith, said: "The survey results confirm that independence and social skills that university provides are valued hugely by students.

"We have reviewed our ways of operating in response to the pandemic and will support students who choose to live with us to enjoy and get the most of their university experience.”

The director of the Higher Education Policy Institute, Nick Herman, said the survey reveals that higher education institutions, as well as students, are keen to return and the sector must implement the right measures for this to take place.

He added: "It's vital that institutions, accommodation providers and support services work together to ensure the next academic year is rewarding for all concerned."