Student Satisfaction Survey

Jordan Darlington·3 May 2022·3 min read
Student Satisfaction Survey

The AFS team presented the latest research report at a webinar on the 28 th of April. The research shows that students are satisfied with their accommodation and current university experience.

Despite the challenges of the last two years students score satisfaction with their accommodation 7 (on a scale of 10) with over half of respondents a highly satisfied 8 or above. The survey of over 1,000 students also revealed high levels of satisfaction with university life overall with an average score of 7.5.

Property management important

The survey revealed that one of the most important criteria for student satisfaction with their accommodation was how well the property was managed. Students are broadly satisfied with their property management (6.9), however those that experienced the best standard of property management were likely to be most satisfied overall.

Price and location less important

While previous AFS research has indicated that price and location were the two most important criteria for students when searching for accommodation, this research revealed that these factors had little impact on satisfaction levels once the student had taken occupation of the property.

This is highlighted by the fact that students who lived over 1 hour away from University were just as satisfied with their accommodation as those that live under 5 minutes walk away. Furthermore, students who were the least satisfied with the amount of rent they paid were just as likely to be happy with their accommodation as those that indicated high satisfaction with rent, once more emphasising the import role of the landlord.

Online methods

The research revealed the dramatic rise in online methods, both for searching for accommodation and studying and perhaps most importantly students’ satisfaction with these methods.

This is best illustrated by the fact that students were just as satisfied with property viewings undertaken online as they were with a traditional property tour. Furthermore, those students who were currently using online or a mix online and in-person study methods were as happy with the quality of their teaching experience as those that were on campus in more traditional teaching environments.

Find out more

To get further details and find out what the longer-term impact on the student accommodation sector will be you can access the slides here