7 Tiny Flats in London

AFS Team·29 February 2016·5 min read
7 Tiny Flats in London

London - some may call it the greatest city in the world but there is no doubt that it is also one of the most expensive. Its infamous shoebox rooms at absurd prices make it difficult for anyone looking for the perfect flat, or even just a flat of a decent size. If you’re thinking about moving to London, here are what some tiny flats in the city have to offer...

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If you've always dreamed of having breakfast in bed every morning then this tiny flat will make all your dreams come true. At £170 a week this North London studio is only a few metres wide and has the bedroom, living space and kitchen all crammed into one room. It may just about fit a double bed, but you'll have to eat dinner at a glass table squeezed in between the sink and wardrobe. The best thing? You won’t even have to leave bed to answer the door to your friends, cook dinner, or do your dishes.

According to BuzzFeed this flat was snapped up within 16 hours of being listed online, and for such a great price, and in such a great location, it’s not hard to see why. I mean - what’s not to love?

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Located in South West London this one bedroom flat went on the market for £895 a week, and inside it is full of surprises. Behind the sliding wardrobe doors you will find the kitchen kitted out with a mini fridge, microwave, hob and sink. All of that inside your wardrobe, not quite the Narnia you were hoping for I bet. Off to the side of the room you’ve got the narrow bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower. But best of all? Harrods is only across the street so you can pop over to do your weekly shop, although you might have trouble getting your 30p basics pasta in there…

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Have you always wanted to be like Harry Potter? If the answer is yes, then this flat in Clapham, South West London, would have been perfect for you. Listed at roughly £125 a week, the room under the stairs came furnished with a mattress, light, coat rack, and a few storage boxes stacked up in the corner.

Unfortunately this cosy ground floor room has been removed from the letting agency website.I wonder why…

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In the posh area of West Kensington, this studio flat is advertised as a student pad and costs only £130 a week. It comes fully furnished with a wooden ladder leading to a mattress near the ceiling, a small wardrobe, two hob cooker, sink and fold out dinner table. And somehow, they’ve managed to squeeze a shower under the bed in this 6 foot wide flat. The only question is, where is the toilet in the space saving flat?

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Another tiny flat that will give you many opportunities for breakfast in bed, this North West London flat was on the market for £150 a week. The 3-in-1 room is described as a snug studio that comes fully furnished. It was pointed out by Reddit users, that the flat is so snug you’ll feel the heat from the oven from your bed. Which is great, because it might save you a few quid on the heating bill.

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For £185 a week this “stunning studio apartment" in North West London could be yours. It is described as having a “separate kitchenette", when in reality it is only just a few steps from the bed. The studio includes a bedroom, kitchen and dining space all in one room and a narrow shower room. So if you don’t mind eating dinner at the bottom of your bed then this one is right up your street, just be careful not to drop too many crumbs onto your bed sheets.

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For just £400 a week you could be living in this stylish studio apartment overlooking Harrods. With a room that functions as a living room by day and bedroom by night and a kitchen only a few feet away, this tiny flat was described by the BBC as being almost the same size as a full sized snooker table. It is the ultimate space saving flat, at only 90 square feet. You might not be able to buy too much for your new home, for lack of space, but you can always look out your window and watch with envy as others leave Harrods with those famous dark green bags.

By Ciara McGinley