What are Private Halls and why should you live in them?

Jordan Darlington·23 January 2019·4 min read
What are Private Halls and why should you live in them?

When we hear the word ‘private’, we tend to think of things such as private education and the big price tag that often comes with it. However, fear not! This is a common misconception and far from the actual truth. Private Halls are usually a block (or blocks) of shared flats and studios and are pretty much the same as university halls of residence, except owned and operated by a private company. They can be found in pretty much every city that has a university and will therefore be understanding of a student’s needs and requirements. 


Now we’ve cleared up what Private Halls are, let me tell you why you should or shouldn’t choose to live in them. 



First of all, BILLS INCLUDED! Private Halls come with all your bills included. This means no more gas, water and electric bills, no more paying for internet and no more arguing over which of your housemates owes more for taking longer in the shower. Adding to this, you will often get the option to pay your rent in line with your student loan which will be much easy than having to pay your landlord on a weekly or monthly basis. Also, if one of your flatmates is behind on their rent, don’t worry! Private Halls will give you an individual tenancy agreement to protect you and make sure you’re only responsible for yourself. 


If the cost and inclusivity of bills isn't enough to sway you, many private halls have cleaning services that will regularly clean your kitchen and some halls even have gym facilities and common rooms! 




Unfortunately, if you are living in a city like Manchester that has more than one university, you’re likely to find that Private Halls accept students from both universities (nothing better than a bit of rivalry to bring people together...). This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; consider it as widening your social circle and getting the opportunity to meet a greater variety of people! 


Although we often say, the more, the merrier, more people means more noise and Private Halls are no exception. Studying may be difficult when the flat below you are partying like there's no tomorrow (but there’s always the library, right?). 


Overall, whether Private Halls are for you depends on what kind of student you are and what environment you feel most comfortable in. Not all options will be identical and I always recommend viewing a property before signing anything. For an extensive list of Private Halls, please consult www.accommodationforstudents.com 


So, there you have it, the main advantages and disadvantages of Private Halls. If you are still uncertain and would like help finding out if they’re for you, our team will be happy to talk you through it on 0800 078 9659.