Best TikTok Trends for University Students

Lauryn Berry·17 February 2021·4 min read
Best TikTok Trends for University Students

Moving to university is never an easy step, but students this year have had it worse than ever with two national lockdowns and many limiting restrictions. You might have found it difficult to meet people, stop feeling home-sick, or actualise your university experience.

Nonetheless, there is always a silver lining, and this time, you might just find it on TikTok. While many think the app is just fun and games, there really is a lot out there that could benefit students. From easy student meal prep to advice and even lockdown-friendly party inspiration.

Here are the best TikTok trends for university students under lockdown:

Themed Flat Meals

Bottomless brunch, Mexican night or Pizza name it!. Make your breakfast or dinner a little extra by decorating your flat with cheap or DIY decorations. If you can’t go out to eat, then just transform your communal living space into the restaurant of your liking.

Indulge in your own TikTok Challenge

Have you heard about the #Anythingbutclothes challenge? Get creative by daring your flatmates. Make them wear bin bags or shower curtains? Do each other’s make-up? Don’t drop the ball? The possibilities are endless. And when in doubt, just make a TikTok.

Renovate your room or a part of your student house

Obviously you can’t go round changing everything in your accommodation, especially not without a landlord’s consent! However, there are some small DIY projects that could spruce your home up and have it looking its best during lockdown. You could make your own artwork, get some cheap second-hand furniture and renovate it, or even work on your gardening skills.

#CleanTok anyone?

Let’s face it, student homes aren’t always the cleanest. Sometimes that comes down to laziness but quite often, students just don’t know which products to use. Well, you’re in luck because you can actually learn how to leave your student home spotless and nicely scented, on TikTok. Cleaning the house can be therapeutic, especially when you have some nice music on in the background. It also provides a great opportunity to take a study break and stretch your legs!

Feeling down about lockdown?

As common as it is to hear this, the important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Chances are, you’re surrounded by other students that for one reason or another, have not returned home. Reach out to someone, be it faculty or a friend. Tell them how you feel and try and get some counseling. Living alone for the first time, and even finding a new home for second and third years , can be hard, so take some advice from students that have done it already.

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