Why study in the UK?

Magda Budzynska·7 June 2021·4 min read
Why study in the UK?

Studying at British universities is a dream for many young people around the globe. It is an incredible experience that comes in handy throughout life. It is also an amazing journey that allows one to explore different cultures, learn to speak languages fluently, and meet people from all over the world. Many UK universities are placed very high in various rankings. Their academic excellence and well-recognized education standards are what makes them so competitive not only among domestic students but also international ones.

The UK is a great place to live and study

The UK as a country is a great place to live and study for people who want to master their language skills, learn more about the history of the British empire and explore beautiful landscapes of the island. The experience at the university will be multicultural (international students tend to stick together) which means that you will have an opportunity to broaden your horizons and get a taste of different cultures when meeting people. There is no need to be afraid of boredom, there is plenty of things to do no matter what your interests are. Sports, concerts, mountain climbing, yoga in the park- there is something for everyone!

Career opportunities

Let’s not forget about the very important advantage that comes from the marvellous study experience i.e. employment opportunities. While studying at British universities you are provided with all necessary qualifications. You can enhance both personal and professional skills and work towards your dream career. Studying in a home country may sometimes limit the job perspectives. On the other hand, studying in a foreign country will enable you to be more successful in the global job market.

What do students say?

“In the first semester, I shared a flat with people coming from very different cultures than mine. Thus, soon I grew to realize that we have differences even in the most basic situations like the way we cook or how we socialize. On the other hand, it was very comforting to learn that we go through essentially very similar struggles (feeling overwhelmed or homesick) regardless of the country we come from. Lastly and most surprisingly, being an international student in the UK I have learned a lot about my own country. Somehow being far from home allowed me to better understand what was authentic about my own culture."

Kotryna from Lithuania

“Being an international student I have the chance of experiencing university differently from my peers back home. I am happy to be an active participant in the cultural exchange that is happening among students, bring my own perspective, and listen to other students' stories. I am proud of where I come from and I feel valued and appreciated for my cultural background and what it offers."

Natalia from Poland

“Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to meet people from very different backgrounds which really changed my perspective on the education system and life in general. Additionally, living on my own in another country really forced me to leave my comfort zone and grow as a person faster than I have ever imagined."

Annika from Germany

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