Student Guide to the Best London Museums

Zoe Bush·22 March 2022·4 min read
Student Guide to the Best London Museums

With London being home to the most universities of any other UK city, the capital is a hub of student activity. Many students, both across the UK and internationally, aspire to obtain their degree from one of these universities in spite of the city’s costly reputation. Student life requires you to be savvy with your money, but you also want to spend your time as a student making the most of your city’s enriching experiences. Fortunately, there are countless establishments within London which you can visit for free or at discounted rates for students, so that you can enjoy the best that London has to offer without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge within your degree subject or your passion outside of academics, there’s sure to be a museum in London to your taste. Here's our guide to the best museums for students to visit in London:

British Museum

One of the most renowned museums in the world, the British Museum is home to a wealth of artefacts and presentations spanning over two million years of human history and culture across the continents. The museum is just a 5-minute walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station and with free entry you can explore over 60 galleries. The museum also has an expansive student research programme across a range of academic disciplines.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern is Britain's national museum of modern and contemporary art from all over the map, and the world’s most popular modern art gallery. Located in what used to be the Bankside Power Station by the Thames riverside, the breath-taking Turbine Hall is a brilliant stage for contemporary artworks to be presented. Free entry grants you access to a plethora of art displays, involving different types of media such as sculptures, paintings, films and installations.

Natural History Museum and Science Museum

Two of the most stand-out museums in London’s collection, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum sit across the road from each other in South Kensington. Both establishments are free to visit.

The Natural History Museum is celebrated for its impressive displays presenting the discovery of biodiversity. You can explore 4.5 billion years of the Earth’s history, brought to life through fascinating fossils, close encounters with extinct mammals in the model gallery and captivating gemstones as old as our solar system.

The Science Museum is a remarkable interactive museum, showcasing the scientific, technological and medical discoveries which have had a huge influence on how we live our lives. Immerse yourself in award-winning exhibitions, interactive workshops and science demonstrations.

National Gallery

Located in Trafalgar Square in the heart of London, the National Gallery showcases major art in the Western European tradition from the 13 th to 19th centuries. Free admission takes you on a journey through famous paintings in every style, including works by Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci and Claude Monet. A great day out for art students and art enthusiasts alike.

These are just a handful of top picks from the extensive collection of museums which London has to offer. Whether your interests lie with culture and history, sports and motors, or food and art, London is flourishing with museums exploring almost every subject area imaginable. As students, we have a passion for learning (and for a free day out!), making museum visits a compelling feature of student life in London.

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