Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Olivia PIther·17 March 2023·4 min read
Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day takes place on Sunday the 19th of March this year and is a time to celebrate the mother and maternal bonds in a family. The date changes each year as the celebration depends on the Christian observance of Mothering Sunday, which takes place on the fourth Sunday within the celebration of Lent, which is three weeks before Easter.

A custom of Mothering Sunday was for children to pick flowers as a gift for their mother, but if you’re struggling for other gift ideas (on a student budget) then read on!

Make Dinner

Instead of going out for a meal and paying, cooking dinner at home is a lot more affordable, as you can use ingredients you may already have. It’s the act of cooking for your mum and allowing her to chill that means the most in this gift. Maybe add a sweet treat for dessert after too!

Chocolate and Flowers

The typical gift, but it works a charm. Who doesn’t like receiving a bunch of flowers in springtime, and a chocolate treat? Daffodils are a budget-friendly, only being a couple of pounds, and you can get a nice box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. with 10% student discount!

A Framed Photo

This simple yet thoughtful present will be one your mother will love. Simply buy a frame from an affordable shop, whether it’s IKEA or Wilko for £1, and print off a photo of yourself and your mum to pop inside.

A Hamper

This is a great way to make your gift look huge, with lots of little bits and bobs hidden inside. You can actually buy a hamper or basket from Poundland or Tiger for under £5 and start to fill it with a range of items, personalised for your mum. Take inspiration from the gifts listed above, or here are a few more examples. Poundland will be your best bet for artificial flowers, a card, and decorations all at £1! Sheet facemasks and a bath bomb, chocolates, a hot water bottle and a mug are all small, affordable gifts that will allow your mum to indulge in self-care this Mother’s Day, with a lot of thought and effort going into the gift.

Quality Time

If you really don’t have any money to spare (times can be tough as a student), then give your time and effort to your mum this Mother’s Day as your gift. Offer to do the chores around the house, make her breakfast and dinner, clean the house, run any errands, and run her a bath, and ultimately allow her to completely chillax. Alongside this, organise a family outing, such as a walk in the park to spend some quality time together too.

Whatever you choose to do for your mum this Mother’s Day, time and effort is all that is needed for a successful and affordable gift as a student!