Bath – City Guide

Bath – City Guide

Bath – City Guide

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A great night out in Bath

As Bath is a small city, it’s not exactly a clubber’s paradise. However, if you explore the city’s rich integration with the arts and culture, you can have just as much fun.

Once a month on Thursdays, the Comedy Cavern comes to Burdall’s Yard. This is your chance to see some of the stand-up circuit’s best performers, so come on down and laugh yourself silly! Admission to the venue is inexpensive (£3), and the drinks are also generously-priced.

Those who want more can head down to Moles on George Street once things have finished at Burdall’s Yard. On Thursdays, Moles plays host to Stereotypes, which often features live bands and free entry before midnight.

If you fancy something a bit more relaxed, The Little Theatre Cinema and Komedia regularly host film screenings as part of the E4 slacker’s club. Membership costs nothing and you can get yourself a member’s card from either venues’ box office.

Best places to eat

Al Falafel is always densely populated with students once everywhere else in town has shut their doors. With low prices and quick serving times, it’s easy to see why the place has such a celebrated seal of approval from Bath’s student population.

Pulteney Bridge, Bath, Somerset, England, UK

If you’re looking for something on the opposite end of the spectrum (in other words, less greasy and free from drunkards) try the Royal Pavilion Café that’s nestled comfortably in Victoria Park’s lush green surroundings. With homemade food, spectacular views and plenty of coffee, the Pavilion is a comforting place to be, even in the winter.

Hidden Gems

Bath is a major tourist city, with visitors coming from all over the world to see its most famous landmarks. After living here for a few months, you might consider yourself a resident of Bath, but you’d probably never think of calling yourself a tourist. There’s an easy way of adding this identifier to your personal repertoire: see those City Sightseeing buses driving around town? Hop on one!


I also love the fact that the centre of town is always full of buskers that range from the simple to the bizarre (such as singer-songwriters to tightrope-walking violinists). A common hotspot for buskers is the Abbey courtyard, so grab some food from one of the shops in town or bring a packed lunch and enjoy a free performance.

The best thing about Bath

One of the best things to do when the sun’s out is to have a picnic in Victoria Park. If you can get a good number of people involved and encourage everyone to put in a contribution towards food and drink, you can have yourself a great day.


Burdall’s Yard
7A Anglo Terrace, Bath, Somerset, BA1 5NH
Tel: 01225 876133

14 George Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2EN
Tel: 01225 404445

The Little Theatre Cinema
St Michaels Place, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1SG
Tel: 0871 902 5735

22-23 Westgate Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1EP
Tel: 0845 293 8480

Al Falafel
3 Monmouth Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2AJ
Tel: 01225 332257

Royal Pavilion Café
Royal Victoria Park, Bath, BA1 2NR
Tel: 01225 448860

Bath Abbey
12, Kingston Buildings, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1LT
Tel: 01225 422 462

Bath Spa Railway Station
Dorchester Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1SU
Tel: 0845 700 0125

Sainsbury’s Local
54-56 Moorland Road, Bath, Somerset, BA2 3PJ
Tel: 01225 495150

Oldfield Park Railway Station
Brook Road, Twerton, Bath, Somerset, BA2 3RS
Tel: 0845 700 0125