Cork – City Guide

Cork – City Guide

Cork is a city full of many student-friendly establishments with a wide range of prices. Luckily for the college, it is just over a mile into the city centre, which is little more than a 20 minute stroll. Alternatively, you can take the 205 or 208 buses into the city.

Places to eat

For lunch, the average UCC student seems to go in for food that is quick, tasty, easy and cheap. In UCC, the new bar is very popular, with their chicken curry and chips for €5 going down a treat with students both young and old. There is a huge variety of main courses served in the new bar at a very good price. The main restaurant in UCC is the cheapest option, with dinners available from €4.20; however, the portions aren’t as big and when you’re a student, it’s all about getting as much value as you can.

Many mature students or parents treating their student kids will go to the Fresco restaurant located in the award-winning Glucksman Gallery on campus. Here, lovely salads and pasta dishes can be purchased from €10.

Dinner time in Cork, when you aren’t relying on beans on toast, can involve going to Captain America’s on South Main Street, which has a 2-for-1 offer on a huge range of burgers and tasty American-style grub. This is very popular with all the students. Another favourite among students is Scoozi’s, located just off Patrick Street. Here, fresh pizza and pasta is served at attractive prices, with loyalty schemes and student discounts available.

For those of you interested in cooking your own food, the English market located on Grand Parade is home to a huge amount of fresh produce. The market even proved a hit with the Queen when she visited the rebel city in 2012. The next area for food in Cork is the takeaway market – something to which all Cork students will relate. First, any student in Cork will be asked this question: which chippie is better, KC’s or Lennox’s? Personally, Lennox’s is the better option for chips, but it is a question that has caused many a debate. Jackie Lennox’s is located on Bandon Road, about a ten-minute walk from main campus, while KC’s is a ten-minute drive away in Douglas, and specialises in pita breads and burgers. Try the Creole if you’re out there. Lastly, Hillbilly’s deserves a mention for being the place of many a late night snack box after a night out on the tiles.

Nights out

In Cork, the main student nights are Tuesday and Thursday, where you’ll see the majority of the student population.

First, there are two bars on campus that are a hive of activity in the evenings, with gigs and quizzes a popular feature of their calendar of events. The past year has seen live performances from Walking on Cars and Hermitage Green, and the current Entertainment Officer has huge plans for the coming year.

The clubs are very good and cater to all tastes. Havana Brown’s is the big spot for Tuesday nights, with some very good DJs. Its links to the SU mean that students can enter competitions for prizes. The Bowery is the spot for the over 20s’ market and is a relatively new club on the student scene, catering to the older market.

Wednesday night at the Rock is a traditional music night, which is very popular with all students.On Thursdays, the Bodega Bangs nightclub has links with the SU so, again, many prizes are on offer. They regularly hold themed nights that cater to the student market. The Savoy nightclub is the largest venue in the city, with a capacity of more than 1,000, and is very popular on Thursday nights. The best place without an entrance fee is Holy Cow. Other pubs worth a mention are B.D.S.M., which is popular with rock and metal fans.


UCC has a huge mix of accommodation for students preferring to stay in College-managed accommodation, while those who wish to stay in a house also have a huge choice to pick from. .The main student complexes charge the following rates per week, including bills, and all are located within easy walking distance of the main campus. Brookfield is €96; Farranlea Hall is €105; Victoria Mills is €125; and Spires is €115. Houses range from €90 per week without bills, to €98 with bills included.


Scoozi Restaurant,
2 Winthrop Avenue

Captain America’s,
4/5 South Main Street

Fresco Eaterie and Bistro,
Lewis Glucksman Gallery,
University College Cork

KC’s And Sons,
Main Street,

Jackie Lennox’s,
137 Bandon Road

Havana Brown’s,
Hannover Street

The Old College Bar,
University College Cork

The New Bar,
Aras Na MacLeinn,
University College Cork

Bodega Bangs,
Cornmarket Street

21 Tuckey Street

Savoy Nightclub,
108 Patrick Street

The Rock Bar,
College Road

The Holy Cow
14/15 Hannover Street

53 North Main Street

UCC Accommodations Office,
College Road