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Arden University

Arden University was initially founded as a Resource Development International and was not granted university status until 2015. The university is currently owned by Global University systems, and is a private, for-profit, teaching university. Arden offers a variety of teaching options including online learning, blended learning or the option to learn at one of its centres in either Coventry, Manchester, London or Birmingham. The university has supported over 50,000 students from across the world.

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Arden University

The overview

The main things you need to know about studying at the Arden University.

  • Rankings

    Arden University is an internationally recognised university and its courses are endorsed by many professional bodies.

  • Employability

    Arden University has a 96% employability rate for students 6 months after they graduate.

  • Fees

    Arden University offers a range of option for their degree programmes. For UK students who wish to earn their degree through distanced learning, the fees begin at £4,500. For those who wish to earn their degree through blended learning, and attend one of the study centres, the prices begin at £7,500 and increase up to £8,250. For those international students, the distance learning fees begin at 4,383 and can increase up to 4,716.

  • Bursaries

    Arden University will support all students wishing to study with them, their offer flexibly paying options such as payment by instalments and provide information about student loans. Find out more here.


Many of the courses offered at Arden University are intended to provide flexibility around students’ other commitments, thus the university does not provide its own independent accommodation. Those studying at one of Adren’s study centres, may choose to either commute or may move into accommodation nearby a study centre. However, those who choose to move into accommodation will need to find this independently.

Students' Union

Arden University delivers many of its courses online, for this reason, it does not have a Students’ Union. However the full range of student support services provided by the university can be found here

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Arden University Students' Union
Arden University Students' Union

Famous for

Degree’s from Arden University are acknowledged internationally, and have been recognized by the Charted Management Institute, the Association of Project Managers and the Institute of Marketing. Arden University is one of only 5 Universities that offer the Qualifying Law Degree in a completely online format.


Arden University has been shortlisted the for Best Higher Education Provider in WhatUni student choice awards 2020.

AFS says

"A popular choice for those that want to study remotley and benefit from flexible study centres"

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