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London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University has roots going back to 1848, making it one of the oldest institutions in London. The University is home to a diverse community of learners, teachers and innovative thinkers. Offering a wide range of courses, from undergraduate to postgraduate and from full-time to part-time, there is much on offer. There are currently over 10,000 students studying at the University.

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London Metropolitan University

The overview

The main things you need to know about studying at the London Metropolitan University.

  • Rankings

    London Metropolitan University is currently ranked 123rd in the UK.

  • Employability

    The University careers team offers a range of services to support students with career planning whilst they are studying and for up to three years after graduation. This helps students to stand out in a competitive job market through developing an awareness of the skills, qualities and motivations needed in the workplace.

  • Fees

    Students entering the University from 1 September 2024 will pay a fee of £9,250 for their first year of study and this may be increased in subsequent years of study according to the rate of inflation or the limits applied under the annual Teaching Excellence Framework reviews.

  • Bursaries

    London Metropolitan University offers a range of bursaries and scholarships including the International Excellence Scholarship, Unite Foundation Scholarship and School of Art, Architecture and Design International Scholarship. Scholarships are highly sought after and the process of applying for scholarships is often competitive. To be in with a chance of receiving a scholarship you will ordinarily need to submit an application or proposal.


London Metropolitan University does not own or manage any halls of residence or accommodation which means all halls and accommodation featured on their site are privately owned and applications must be submitted directly to the provider. For some other suggestions of private student accommodation, take a look at the AFS website:

Students' Union

London Metropolitan University represents students on issues affecting them and lobbies organisations like the council, University and government to improve opportunities and prospects for students. It is the home of competitive sport within the university. You can play for any one of a number of sports teams. including men's and women's football, basketball or rugby, mixed volleyball or other sports including badminton, cheerleading, cricket, dance, futsal or netball.

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London Metropolitan University Students' Union
London Metropolitan University Students' Union

Famous for

London Metropolitan University has invested heavily in its facilities, now owning several state-of-the-art research centres. The University’s ‘suberlab’ has more than 280 workstations with additional specialist laboratories for sports science, phlebotomy and virology.


At London Met, we invest in you. The University boasts state-of-the-art learning, library and IT facilities where you can hone your skills – from a mock courtroom, purpose-built art, design and recording studios to a £100,000 journalism newsroom and our £30 million Science Centre, which is one of the largest science teaching labs in Europe.

AFS says

"London is a tricky city to write about. Not only because 1000-or-so words in nowhere near enough to even really begin to say everything great about it, but because it is always changing".

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