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Carlisle is a hidden gem in the far North of England, with around 10,000 student studying each year at the University of Cumbria. Here you will find all types of student accommodation in Carlisle including student houses, flats and halls.

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AFS always has the widest choice of student accommodation available. To help you find the right place to live, read our brief guide to the different types of accommodation below.

University Hall
  • University residences which are generally full of first year undergraduates are a great way to adjust to living away from home and making new friends. Uni halls are usually located close to campus.

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Private Halls
  • Generally offer a higher level of amenities than University Halls, at higher rents. Will be home to a more diverse mix of students and normally located close to campus.

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  • A house share with a group of friends is often the lowest cost option and popular as the next step after living in Halls. Typically located in student friendly areas which require some travel to University.

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  • A flat or apartment is similar to a house share on a smaller scale and will normally have one or two bedrooms. Ideal for smaller groups or couples.

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  • Either a premium room in a Private Hall of Residence or a self-contained flat or apartment where all of the amenities are in one space. Typically the most expensive option.

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  • A room in a house where the landlord or owner currently lives. A good option if you are not too concerned about living with other students and are budget conscious.

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  • A self-contained room, which includes most amenities but with shared bathroom facilities.

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Spare room
  • A room available in a house share, where a group of existing housemates want to fill an empty room. A good way of getting the benefits of a house share without an established group of friends.

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Living in Carlisle as a student

Carlisle, the ‘Great Border City’ serves as home to the University of Cumbria with its 7,500 students. Carlisle’s rich history, roman origins and a large student-to-resident ratio make it a particularly attractive and welcoming destination for students.

As a university city, Carlisle has a good accommodation provision—both from university’s 3 halls and private sector. University halls offer both en-suite and shared bathroom rooms, communal kitchens and on-site laundry facilities. Some of the private providers work closely with university and provide a similar, if not somewhat higher, standard of accommodation.

Private halls are largely en-suite, with some standard rooms available too. Communal areas are popular with students and allow for a bustling social life. Some of private halls are located in new, purpose-built ‘townhouses’ for those preferring a more traditional building style, while many offer more traditional, single-block architecture. There is also a good range of other accommodation options for those preferring tenancy in a flat or a house.

Year in year students choose to live with friends in a group of 4 or more. Driving down costs and ability to rent beautiful period houses are few among the many reasons for renting privately. There is sure to be a good supply of flats, apartments and houses in central, as well as more peripheral locations of the city, managed by property market professionals, many of which have an excellent reputation in Carlisle. Whether you are looking for a city centre townhouse, or a place in the greener areas, Carlisle is sure to offer a fantastic variety to choose from.

Before you are ready to start your search, check out our comprehensive online guides and learn more about the city, surrounding areas, renting and us! Once confident and ready to find your future student home, go to and start looking. With 20 years of experience in helping students in finding accommodation, we are always there to help. Our team of experts can give you additional support, or if you are ready to rent, you can easily get in direct contact with the accommodation of your choice, through our online search tool—no unnecessary intermediaries! Let us help you find the accommodation you want and deserve!

Carlisle Universities

Carlisle is home to The University of Cumbria.