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Home to one of the UK's best universities, Durham is a beautiful city with students at it heart. Here you will find all types of student accommodation in Durham including student houses, flats and halls.

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Not sure what type of accommodation is right for you?

AFS always has the widest choice of student accommodation available. To help you find the right place to live, read our brief guide to the different types of accommodation below.

University Hall
  • University residences which are generally full of first year undergraduates are a great way to adjust to living away from home and making new friends. Uni halls are usually located close to campus.

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Private Halls
  • Generally offer a higher level of amenities than University Halls, at higher rents. Will be home to a more diverse mix of students and normally located close to campus.

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  • A house share with a group of friends is often the lowest cost option and popular as the next step after living in Halls. Typically located in student friendly areas which require some travel to University.

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  • A flat or apartment is similar to a house share on a smaller scale and will normally have one or two bedrooms. Ideal for smaller groups or couples.

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  • Either a premium room in a Private Hall of Residence or a self-contained flat or apartment where all of the amenities are in one space. Typically the most expensive option.

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  • A room in a house where the landlord or owner currently lives. A good option if you are not too concerned about living with other students and are budget conscious.

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  • A self-contained room, which includes most amenities but with shared bathroom facilities.

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Spare room
  • A room available in a house share, where a group of existing housemates want to fill an empty room. A good way of getting the benefits of a house share without an established group of friends.

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Living in Durham as a student

Durham is a county of moors and rivers, renowned for its fascinating heritage and magnificent scenery. Durham University is one of the oldest universities in England and is repeatedly ranked as one of the top 10 in the UK. It is also one of the few residential collegiate universities in the UK, maintaining its long traditions, however not without adopting modern values.

The famous Cathedral and Castle are an unmissable sight, both proudly listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Apollo Pavilion, a controversial piece of public art that the locals campaigned against for years, is now restored and treated as a modernist masterpiece. This shows that Durham has a more modern side – and this blend of new and old is why it remains a students’ favourite. Those who prefer a more active way of spending their time should try themselves in rowing – there are 20 boat clubs you could join!

Those looking for a different type of entertainment from museum tours do not need to worry – thanks to its lively student population, Durham does not suffer from a shortage of pubs and clubs. It is famously home to the second worst nightclub in Europe, which – despite its reputation – remains a student favourite and a must-try.

Here you will find details of private rented accommodation offered by private landlords/letting agents in Durham including; student houses, student flats/apartments in Durham, bed-sits in Durham, larger housing schemes in Durham.