Everything You Don't Think of when Packing for University

AFS Team·29 August 2018·7 min read
Everything You Don't Think of when Packing for University
By Elizabeth Whittingham

Packing for university, whilst exciting, can be a tricky experience! We’ve already gone through everything that you do not need for university, next, we’re going to let you know all the items that simply do not cross your mind when making your checklist!

A pack of cards

One of the main things forgotten by all students is a pack of cards, with plenty heading out the door during fresher’s to grab some.

Students play plenty of drinking games, many of which involve a deck of cards meaning that you’ll need them almost every night…

When you’re not playing drinking games you’ll probably be playing cards hungover so they’re always handy!

A bottle opener

If you bring a bottle opener to university, everyone will want to be your friend. It’s just a fact. Also, remember a can opener! To avoid using a knife.

Drying rack

Make sure that you remember to bring a drying rack to make sure that you don’t end up hanging items of clothing from your roof, windows, door and cupboards, no one wants that!

They’re super cheap to pick up from places like Wilko.


Although the first year of university is mainly heading out and partying, for the nights when you don’t feel like it, you’ll definitely need some earplugs to block out the noise of pre drinks and thumping music from the other room followed by the sounds of drunk housemates running up and door the corridors… Maybe take two pairs?

Flip flops

University halls are not the cleanest of places so it will be a great help to have a pair of cheap flip flops to wear when you’re coming in and out of the bathrooms and the shower to avoid your clean feet touching the floor!

You can pick up flip flops in Primark for just 90p.


Similar to flip flops, you’ll probably want a barrier between your feet and the university hall carpets so bring some slippers to stay nice and cosy!

You can pick up some pretty cheap ones from Primark.

Hot water bottle

Having a hot water in bed with you can be both comforting and warming, especially on the days when the central heating is not on! They can also be great if you have period pain, back or ear ache!


Remember to take all the necessary drugs in your bag to get you through the fresher’s flu! Lemsip, paracetamol, ibuprofen (for hangover headaches) and lots of honey and lemon drinks for sore throats!

It’s also handy to take some rehydration sachets to fight off any hangovers if you’ve got lectures the next day, and some vitamin C tablets as well!

Blue tack

Remember some blue tack to stick up your posters and photos from home. If you’re worried about the blue tack staining then you can always get some washi tape, it’s basically cheap tape that can be used to stick images up on walls because it doesn’t mark or remove the paint, it comes in lots of cute colours and patterns!


Much like the powers of the bottle opener, get yourself a set of speakers and you will make plenty of friends as your room will probably be used for social gatherings, pre drinks and hangover chats.

It’s also nice to have a set of speakers in your bedroom especially for the first few weeks to help with loneliness, as a little bit of background noise can help to make you feel much more comfortable.

Board games

Although it might not sound like it, board games are actually a hit with students and are often played at pre drinks, there’s nothing quite like a drunk monopoly stand off- although it can sometimes get a little heated!

There are also plenty of drinking games and ideas online!

Extension leads

Your university bedroom is probably going to be lacking in a few plugs so pack a multi plug to make sure that you can plug in plenty of cords all at the same time.

Likewise, by packing an extension cord you can make sure that chargers reach your desk and your bed to keep your lap top going.

Internet Cord

You’ll probably need an internet cord to get yourself online in your university bedroom if you’re having a few issues with the wireless set up at the start.

An umbrella

Remember an umbrella! Especially if you are heading off to rainy cities like Manchester, Cardiff or Aberdeen.

It’s also handy to pack a waterproof, you won’t believe the numbers of students who forget to!

A full length mirror

Most university bedrooms only have one small mirror above the sink, meaning that it is pretty impossible to view your great outfit, with many students resorting to jumping up and down to catch a glimpse of themselves.

Get yourself a full length mirror and lean it against your wall to always vet your outfits before walking out the door, and of course for some brilliant selfies. You can pick up a pretty cheap one from IKEA.

Ridiculous fancy dress items

Fancy dress will always come in handy during first year!

Pack a few assortments of outfits and maybe throw in some face paint if you’ve got some knocking about at home, they’ll definitely come in handy during the first few weeks of university when everyone is heading off to fresher’s fancy dress nights.


Remember to pack some swimwear for university, especially if you live in a coastal town!

You might also want to head to leisure centres for some swimming with university mates so it’s always handy to have a towel and a costume packed just in case!

Your NHS Number

This is super vital but is something that nearly every single student forgets to bring with them!

You’ll need NHS number when registering at the doctors and at the dentists, make sure that you do it as soon as you can as the application takes a while to go through and you might need to visit the doctors before this.

In terms of numbers, you’ll also need your national insurance number in case you get any part time work during your first year of university.


According to the Student Room, vitamin pills are always a handy thing to have that plenty of students forget to consider and they’re super cheap to buy!

The first few weeks of university will mean that your diet is going to go down the drain, meaning that a few vitamin top ups here and there are not really a bad idea.